Order of Mata Nui Files #19: Yukore, Great Being of Spirits

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Huge dump of MOCs from the OoMN Files series incoming!

How to Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvW4FBNnG0A
MOC Review: Coming Soon™!

Slideshow w/ Theme Music:

Name: Yukore
Gender: Female
Species: Great Being
Element: Spirits
Kanohi: Komau, Mask of Mind Control
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Ministry of the Red Star
Occupation: Great Being of Spirits, Guardian of Batra Nui
Titles: Great Being
Personality: Quiet, charming, nonsensical, perceptive, always seems to be hiding something
Fighting Style: Well rounded in both melee and elemental ranged combat
Abilities: All Great Being abilities, unfathomable Spirit manipulation abilities
Equipment: Dual swept blades

More shots of the MOC!

The rest of the shots in this post are from the original slideshow and are an older version of this MOC.

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Great! Beautiful use of the little pink flowers.


great detailing and colours used!

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The flowers are a unique touch.

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This is a cool MOC. I like the use of the flowers, not to mention how unconventional a colour combo Light Blue, Black, and Pink is.

I take it these characters come from some sort of AU of yours? Because it looks awfully mechanical for a great being (unless of course you intended her to be in a suit of armour) and I don’t think Great Beings (or any non matoran universe life forms for that matter) were able to use mask powers in the canon.


You’re correct. I have a BIONICLE story series I’m working on and these characters appear in it.

This video explains how the Great Beings work in my story:

Basically, in my story, there’s an additional layer beyond what we know of the Great Beings from BIONICLE canon, and they are essentially 10th dimensional beings with imperfect minds.


What an incredible color scheme and build. It’s just so good.


This moc is really good, but that mask does not fit in my opinion. Also those metru feet look not very stable, so hopefully the weight is distributed well.

I know it’s been a while since the last post on this topic. But this moc is so unique! The colour scheme and part usage is great really cool!

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