Order of Mata-Nui Files #3: Mars, the Ex-Dark Hunter

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Name: Mars
Gender: Male
Species: Ancient Toa
Element: Lightning
Kanohi Mask: Reforged Volitak, Mask of Stealth
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Order of Mata Nui
Occupation: Toa of Lightning, Top Spy for the Order of Mata Nui
Titles: Toa, Top Spy
Personality: Blunt, ridiculously cocky
Fighting Style: Well rounded in both melee and elemental ranged combat
Abilities: Unparalleled Lightning control
Equipment: Staff, Master Spark (legendary artifact capable of amplifying energy pushed through it)


Mars was originally a magnificent Dark Hunter. He always completed every mission he was sent on successfully. He wasn’t always a Dark Hunter though. He was forcefully drafted into the organization when he first became a Toa long, long ago. So long ago, in fact, that even he doesn’t care to remember it. After ages of serving The Shadowed One without letup, Mars grew weary of going nowhere with his existence. But with The Shadowed One constantly sending him on missions, he had no time to complain.

Mars began to think about betraying The Shadowed One and escaping Odina, but that was something that had never been achieved by a rogue Dark Hunter before. Odina was well guarded, both inside and out. One slight act of treason, and the guards would end you where you stood. So Mars waited. Eventually, he received a special mission from The Shadowed One. He was tasked with retrieving a legendary artifact, The Master Spark. A talisman that could increase the power of the energy put through it tenfold. This was his chance.

As usual, he completed his mission. But when he brought the artifact back to Odina, he made it very clear he no longer wanted to be a Dark Hunter, by razing half the island with lightning. He then left Odina as the only Dark Hunter to ever escape The Shadowed One’s grasp. After such a humiliating defeat, The Shadowed One decided to purge all records of Mars, to maintain the organization’s reputation.

Mars went into hiding, making use of an abandoned shack on a small island north of Odina. He trained with the Master Spark on that island for years, until he became a master at using it. Years passed, and eventually a scout ship from the Order of Mata Nui came across Mars’ island. They saw massive bolts of lightning shooting out it’s center, and infiltrated the island. They feared an Avohkah outbreak. Instead, they discovered Mars.

The Order scouts questioned Mars about the lightning, and Mars proudly showed them his power. The scouts didn’t even hesitate to invite him into the Order. At first, Mars was against joining. But he had gotten bored of training, and when the scouts explained The Order of Mata Nui’s cause, he changed his mind. The opportunity to use his powers for something positive ended up being a relieving change of heart for him.

After joining the Order, Mars finally felt he had a purpose. The Order treated him more as an individual than the Dark Hunters did, which allowed him to maintain his dignity. He once again completed most of his missions successfully, but occasionally not to code. Because of this blatant disregard for rules, he and Helryx began to have a kind of “implied rivalry.” Mars also started a fighting club at the Order’s headquarters, so that off-duty Order members could train and test their might against each other in no-holds barred combat. He also occasionally teaches new members such as Knoxus, Konpaku, and even Rei, to use their elemental and Mask powers.

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nice, and you are really creative with all those poses! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is a really cool MoC! I love his head!

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Man i love the hat, but the gap between the foot piece and the hips kinda is all ive got to say about it. Like your style of mocing, using mainly G1 pieces.

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Looks pretty snazzy. Really like the color scheme and the staff is also pretty great. Nice job!

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One backstory flaw: Toa were never allowed into the OOM.

The only Toa in the OOM is Henry’s because when she founded the order she made that ultimatum.

Along the same train of logic the only Dark Hunters allowed inside the OOM were current double agents who became Dark Hunters while already OOM members.

As for the MOC it is a pretty decent thing. I like the feel of it.

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One Bionicle Story flaw: Toa were never allowed into the OoMN, but their leader is a Toa.

I’m aware of that detail. However, in my stories’ Universe the Order was forced to start recruiting Toa after a disaster killed a huge portion of the Order members in it’s early days of existence.

But you are forgetting the reason Toa weren’t recruited. The leader knew that Toa had their duty and she was also aware that they would follow the Toa code over any rule set up by the Order.

For an organization like the Order following rules and protocol is more important than the sense of Honor the Toa had.

Having Toa is a liability for any organization trying to be covert.


I know why they weren’t recruited in the original story. In the alternate universe my story takes place in, The Order needed to begin recruiting Toa with exceptional and unique powers to help in the fight against the brotherhood of Makuta. It’s explained better in some of my other backstories on MOCpages. But I think we can all agree that the Bionicle story has it’s flaws, plot holes, and needlessly complex rules. I try to work around them as best I can with my writing. :slight_smile:

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His torso could be a tad shorter and his proportions are… as anime as code geass.

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This guy is great. The duo color scheme and brimmed hat give him a very lithe, cool look. I don’t know if that staff weapon fits the overall feel of the character though. He has the look of a shifty, trickster type. I feel like some duel daggers or pistols would be really sweet.