Order of Mata Nui Files #7: Rei, Toa of Peace

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Huge dump of MOCs from the OoMN Files series incoming!

How to Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHL16EgR2LE
MOC Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuh9M0gUScM

Slideshow w/ Theme Music:

Name: Rei
Gender: Female
Species: Toa
Element: None
Kanohi: Hau, Mask of Shielding
Status: Alive
Affiliation: League of Toa
Occupation: Toa of Peace, Member and Founder of the League of Toa
Titles: Toa
Personality: Aggressive, free spirited, sometimes lazy
Fighting Style: Well rounded in both melee and elemental ranged combat
Abilities: Able to manipulate anything classifiable as a barrier, including physical, metaphysical, spiritual, magical, imaginary, and quantum barriers
Equipment: Barrier sword/shield

More shots of the MOC!

The rest of the shots in this post are from the original slideshow and are an older version of this MOC.

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I like the sword/axe combo.


Toa of peace… more like Toa of cool use of color. 8.5/10

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