What's your order of organization from these catagories?

  • Color (stands out more than any other catagory)
  • Piece (This sort of helps out when MOC expirementing)
  • Size (Big pieces get in the way of smaller ones)
  • Theme (System, Technic, Robotics, Constraction, etc.)
  • Sets (BIONICLE, Hero Factory, Star Wars, Knights Kingdom, Throwbots, Slizers, etc.)
  • Name (Alphabetical order of piece names or numbers)

Mine would be:

  • Theme
  • Sets
  • Size
  • Piece
  • Color
  • Name

So what's yours?


a big bin in my room.


same here.

I'm trying to get more organized, but as of now my situation is similar to Matoro's. I do have most of my minifigure parts sorted though, so there's that.


For my system pieces, it would be by sets. For my constraction pieces, there's not much of an organization strategy.

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I only really collect Bionicle, and I have them organized by row via Team. All my Nuva are together, my mata, and my rahkshi, etc.


So, if you got a huge lot of BIONICLE how would you sort em out?

The easiest way for me would be to look at the pieces and instantaneously build something using them. That way, I would have those pieces for access when I wanted to use them on a more substantial MOC.

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I've been trying to sort my pieces by bagging up individual sets. I practically know what set every piece came from, so if I know that I need a lime-green foot, I can look for my Gresh bag etc.

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That's a really interesting method. Do you MOC a lot?

I used do it all the time, but my entire G1 collection is in my parents basement for storage right now. I have bought a few HF and Chima ultra-builds since then, about five in total, so I have a few basic MOCs lying around. This is my brickshelf which has a little bit of my stuff, if your interested. I'll try to get more uploaded there and post some stuff on the boards as well.

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