Ori Protector of Oreos

This is my entry for Alieraah's Protector of Junk Food contest. I didn't just want to have a black and white colour scheme so I added blue to represent the packet.

And here he is with his milk blaster


0/10 doesn't look like the dwarf
This is really cool, man :smile:



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This is so creative, I love it!

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Cool. I think this is, well, unique.

The MOCs design is awesome!

Good job!

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A very creative head design

the milk blaster makes this even more amazing than it is

Sweet! Literally! And how do I get into this contest, because it sounds awesome?

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Neat. Definetly one of the better entries ive seen.

I'm a sucker for a black color scheme

Thanks I really like your entry as well

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0/10 doesn't look like the... um... whatever Ori is.

I like that head! I do which there weren't any studs on the top, but I guess there is no way around that.

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I tried to cover them up but they kind of look like the pattern on top of an oreo so I used the design


I like this, especially the head - though i must admit the body does seem a little square in places and i feel that could be worked on a little - as other aspects such as the legs and arms look a lot better but the body and its arm connections seem a little unfinished.

You make some good points and I am currently redesigning the body

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Small gripe I wish it had some more white, but otherwise it looks like a solid moc

That's what I call a creative name! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice MOC, though.

Also I never knew Oreos could grow themselves bodies.

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The truth is that all oreos are born with bodies but have them ripped away at birth and sold by the evil corporation.