Origami the Protector Of Beef Cakes

Ok so… if you didn’t know already I love paining MOC’s… and I saw the protector of earth in my display self and was like… this guy is pretty boring know lets change him… i wanted to make something what did not deviate from the actual build to much but was visibly different… as i started to make him with rough pieces i noticed how beefed up he looked so i gave him the same paint job as Origan my self MOC and made his name Origami … hope you like it XD

“Daddy?” “For the last time im not your Dad… YOUR FREAKING OLDER THAN ME…”

Family Photo say CHEESE


Great as always


Confused Vyran Kal is confused


I REALLY like the grimy red color with the black. looks awesome.


@Stoax thanks <3
@Vyran_Kal What? why
@TheRed1s Thanks

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I love the way this thing looks.

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@GIF.Man.Ben thanks <3

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What a hunk.

2 words: UBER BUFF

I respect your opinio-

…the protector of earth is a grill :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice paint job though

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@War_of_the_Worlds ikr hahah
@ouberry he may skip leg day some times XD
@Rockho hahahah i do what i want when i want XD

Glorious painted parts. This guy is a nice little build.

Looks great!

@Triple thanks , i cant claim the build that much though as its just a edit but thanks :smile:
@Oniwah thanks man :slight_smile:

protector of eath is a girl.

Wait what :0 well this isnt the protector of earth, its just has the same under body :0

So, he has the power to fold paper?

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at lightning fast speeds, not even the likes of zoom can fold paper as fast as Origami this is because of origamis power of the legendary beef cakes , passed down by his predecessors

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if you are replying to me, i know it isnt. its sjut you referred to her as he

yeah hahahah sorry ;-; @AmazingDirtHunter