Origin of the Lord of Skull Spiders

Why is the Lord of Skull Spiders evil? What are his intentions? How was he created, how were the skull spiders created? etc

What do you think?


He's a random giant spider controlled by Makuta.


He could be the MOUP


He's the guardian of the Ancient City. Not too much we know about him, though.


he could be a regular skull spider that was transformed by makuta. What was makuta doing in the desert region before he put on the mask? My guess is that he was enslaving the native rahi, but he was only able enslave the skull spiders before ekimu tracked him down. He then put on the mask to try to defeat him, and you all know the rest.


I literally can't answer this with out getting deep.

What if Lord of Skull Spiders IS Makuta? Since putting on the MoUP made him grow to an immense size, knocking it off would cause him to degrade right? /s


He was a regular Skull Spider, but then he started to experiment with steroids and gradually got bigger.
And then his life got ruined due to his steroid addiction, his wife left him and took his kids. So then he began to go to a Skull Spider fight club and that was his new source of income. But because he was pumped up on steroids, he was able to dominate the fight club and he quickly rose the ranks of the club. Then the club started to fall apart and two factions were formed: the skull peoples and the Okotians. Then the land was divided into two sections: the "ancient city", because it looks old and no one really ventures into it and remembers it, and "the rest of the freaking place". And after the leaders of the skull peoples were killed (the summer 2015 sets) the Lord of Skull spiders became the leader of the skull peoples and continues to fight a turf war against the Protectopeoples.

It probably makes more sense than the official story tho.
Y'all got to admit that.


I reckon makers is using the mask of skull to control all the skull villains and he uses the LoSS to gaurd the ancient city while his pawns search it for the mask of creation. He then uses the LoSS with the second purpose of using the skull spider armies to kill the resisting matoran and find the masks of the elements before the toa

He was summoned by Skeletor, the true villain of G2


scream Its worse than I imagined!!! The Toa are doomed!!! scream

open_mouth But wait a second!

...he... he...

So... so... he must have the power... and be able to defeat LoSS with He-man's power!


Reminds me a lot about the nWo stable from WCW.....except the steroids part.

TBH he's probably just a Guardian of the Ancient City. Possibly being influenced by Makuta, possibly not. I really wish that the golden Skull Spider mask would actually appear in story so we could get a grasp on its power.



But can we feel the power?


No angry

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The Lord of Skull Spiders is a manifestation of older fans' hatred for the CCBS-based new BIONICLE. When he takes out each Toa one by one, it represents their claims against the appearance of the new sets, but when the Toa combine their attacks, it represents the creativity of the fans that blows away the hatred.

Or something.


He was once the benevolent guardian of the Ancient City. The villagers that lived there loved, trusted, and praised him. However, those that controlled the city were oppressive of all the other villages. One day, a one especially angry villager led a rebellion. This rebellion killed civilians and soldiers alike, and thus LoSS went to protect his people. He was defeated and locked within the Ancient City's dungeons. Thousands of years later, Makuta came with a proposition: in turn for his servitude, not only would LoSS get his desired revenged, but Makuta would bring back his beloved people.


Thats actually not bad...

Makes sense since he is mostly made of Technic. Nevertheless, it's the best theory i've seen so far.

The Skull Spiders could represent the numerous feeble arguments that the older fans made against CCBS. They might seem intimidating, but they can easily be squished like bugs.