Orion Master of Air

just so every one knows I made an edit or two this moc


Pretty cool!

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He is great! The weapons are a little bland though.


I agree

Could use something on those shoulder pads and something a bit more after that to give him some differentiation from Lewa, but other than that it’s an aight CCBS MOC

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just fixed that #no_reposts

For a second I though his name was Onion. In regards to the MOC, it needs some work. The weapons are a little generic, and he could some different armor pieces so to set him apart from just being Lewa with a protector head. Since he is a Master of Air, I think it would be cool to give him wings.

Pretty cool. Lewa shoulda been Master of Air, not Orion. Like if you cry erytiem.

Consistent Color Scheme. +10

Visible Red Pin. -5
No Bio. -10

As other have said, make it less Jungle-y and more Air-y. If you get that, good job. +/- 0
Those keet-orange bones look cool, but really don’t do anything other then sit there. +/- 0

Side Note: Your MOC has avoided most of the stuff I look for in terms of pros and cons. That takes talent.

Verdict: -5. It’s still better than mine, but could be stronger in areas. Keep on trying!


@Stoax had it lost it you are seriously a few hours too late bro

@TFM101 thank you for your support