Oronix, Makuta of the Third Evolution (Self MOC V2)

Well, here’s the second primary iteration of my Self MOC. I figured the last version was old enough to start a new topic for. Especially with the added wings.

This is when he is possessed by Ethyreal.


I’d like to know what everyone thinks. And there is a reason he was called the former Toa and is now a Makuta.


Amazing. Simply amazing.

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Looks really good!

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That bushing on the back bugs me.

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It holds the cape in place. That’s why it’s there.

It still bugs me.

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Inikabuild as heck.

There’s not much I can say without advising you to scrap the whole system and go CCBS. Some pointers would be to remove - or to add more of, if you’re so inclined - the black armor, maybe replace some of the random sockets with more CCBS armor if you choose the latter path. Maybe remove the the extra spikes on the ankles and the claws, he’s got enough edge without them. Torso would probably stand some actual armor. Lastly, simple fix for the busing on the back - add a gear there.

This is


Except for the upper legs, feet, shoulders…

I would like to know why you think scrapping this MOC would be the only solution.

Black is primarily an accent.

Those are removable. In concept, they are daggers.

It has armor on the front, I just need to add some bulk to the sides.

That would make it more apparent. I think I’ll just make the piece black.

I don’t think the universal solution to fixing a MOC you have issue with is:

“Tear it apart, completely change the building system, and build something that wouldn’t even look like the original concept.”

It sounds like your issue with the MOC lies primarily in concept, since almost every recommendation you made would oppose the original appearance I am going for.

And trust me, the ankles look terrible without those daggers…

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I don’t feel like getting into an argument this time so

Come back to me with a different MOC or if/when you’re ready to change this one

I hate to break it to you, but I’m not trying to get “approval” from you as a MOCist. And what you’re saying is really coming off as if that is what you assume

Almost every change you want is resulting from a subjective cause, and it’s not my fault of you aren’t a fan of the concept.

This is my Self MOC. The concept stays and I will only work to improve the execution of that concept.


I have come to officially judge Oronix!

First impressions: the black CCBS shells grab my eye, and not in a good way. they clash with the rest of the rest of the heavily greebled textures. move down a bit, and you come to the knees’ open ball joint. it looks gappy, and it’s a eye sore. on the other hand, the chest is cool, and the color scheme is very nice and menacing.

Closer Look No.1: from what I see, it looks like the arm can’t move much back and forth. I’m not a fan of the different blade pieces being used for the wings, but that’s subjective. I’m not sure what to think about the feet. one half of me says there isn’t enough “feet”, while the other half says, Look at those talons! as for the hands, imo they’re not that good, mostly because of lack of finger articulation. And the coloured parts. the Purist says kill them with fire, while my rational side says, “these are really cool, and they’re not my bricks, so I don’t care as much. I’m still not painting my bricks though.”

Note assume that I like everything that I didn’t comment on.


You know how to make critique funny to read :laughing:

I’ll see what I can do. I’m not sure how easily it can be fixed, though.

An unfortunate side effect of the shoulder armor design. It moves forward well, but has limited back movement.

Yeah I can see that. I just like the appearance they give.

You have no idea how hard I’ve tried to fix this.


Good job! Love how you differed with the possesion instead of just saying. hes possesed.



I needed to do something, and I still need to MOC a proper Ethyr, so I just went with eye color.

way to use my gif, also nice moc


Actually, I took it from someone else.
Who may or may not have taken it from you, I don’t know.


It’s ok, not good, but ok. Essentially being an Inika build, I can’t say too much about new designs or anything. Also, you made him really hollowed out, giving him a sloppy or incomplete look to him. Maybe try out a bit of custom, and then see what you can come up with. Usually by V3 with a self MOC they are nearly completely custom, or else seeming lazy. And I do agree with @Hawkflight about CCBS. I feel like it would give him a better overall appearance and look more clean as a whole.

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Yes, I plan on filling out the sides of the torso.

Things don’t need to be 100% technic to look neat. And my plans are improving his current design rather than taking apart an entire major section.

Except for the shoulders, feet, and upper legs. And the torso is custom to a degree.

My entire task is to make him look nicer, I don’t need to make him more complicated for the sake of complexity.

I appreciate the criticism, but I don’t understand why a MOC without extreme complexity ends up being a bad MOC. I also don’t understand how making him CCBS is going to help the complexity factor.

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I agree.Change to make it look better, not for the sake of change.:grinning:

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