Oronix-The Former Toa (Update!)

Here is Oronix; my self MOC!

This guy uses his mask to disintegrate his enemy’s weapons. If you look closely, you will see 10 painted parts.

Here is his story:

Oronix began as a Toa, created by Artahka as an experiment of a Toa with no natural elements, but instead increased physical and stealth capabilities. A week later, he disappeared, leaving no trace of what had happened to him.
About a year after his disappearance, an Av-Matoran was exploring a forest only to find that beyond it was a barren wasteland full of ruins, bones, and burnt fields. The Matoran wandered in curiosity, wondering what he had found. He heard a burnt twig snap behind him. All that followed was pain; a blade was sent through his chest. Behind him, he heard a deep, almost beastlike voice, saying “Light shall die in my presence.”
The Matoran slowly stumbled around, gasping at his fatal wound. He saw Oronix walking away-his tattered cape lightly flowing in the almost unnoticeable breeze-and blood dripping from the blade mounted on his forearm. The Av-Matoran collapsed.

Please leave any feedback or comments!


Allow me first to say that he should either be rogue or former. He can’t still be a rogue Toa if he isn’t one anymore.

Pretty good, but kind of cluttered looking. The legs are very odd looking with the open ball joints and the open ball sockets (even though I myself am guilty of it, try not to use Mata hands as armor).

The chest detailing is pretty good, though, even if it’s fairly simple.

Also, I have no idea what’s up with those feet, maybe clean those up.

But some good ideas, just needs some reworking here and there.


Colour-scheme is a bit cliche, but it’s fairly well executed. I like the torso and the shoulders. Cape looks sweet.

A few possible improvements:
-Right arm blade doesn’t flow very well with the rest of the arm. Try using other parts.
-Try using different parts for the front upper leg armour. The hand pieces don’t match aesthetically or colour-wise.
-I recommend covering up the light grey leg elements
-Try sticking to one skeleton colour (black or dark grey) as much as possible.
-The feet look almost overly complex. Try simplifying them.
-If you can find ways of replacing the blue pins on the torso, do it. =)
-A lot of the MOC looks jumbled and incoherent. With Constraction it’s vital to maintain a cohesive aesthetic by using parts with similar shapes and details. Keep this in mind when selecting the parts you’re gonna use.

I know this may sound like a lot, but please keep in mind that I’m only trying to help. With some refinement, this could be a pretty solid self-MOC! :smiley:

I’m currently revamping some parts of him that you said could use some work. The only things that you recommended that I can’t change are the arm blade, the colors, and replacing the pins. I re-did the upper leg armor and it looks a lot better but I don’t think I should use parts to cover up the light grey on the legs (1. It blends with the silver enough to not be too noticeable and 2. It will make the leg look too thick).


I like the Lewa Phantoka sword (still juts out a bit, but works much better). The new leg armor sticks out a bit as well, but it looks much cleaner. I recommend trying to replace the Metru hips on the feet. And just in general, try to find ways of streamlining the MOC as much as possible. =)

I finally checked this out. It looks great. “You better not kill my friends again.” Hutere says.

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Ha ha!


I still need to update it. I painted up the blades a bit and highlighted the scar.

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Oh gosh the cringe.