Oronix, The Former Toa

Here’s the Self-MOC for @JoeScibelli in my style.


Neat stuff.

I really like it!


@JoeScibelli I’m glad you do.

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I approve.

You know what’s funny, I’ve always imagined Oronix being able to mimmick a Toa form that is smaller and less intimidating, but holds his primary features.

This actually looks like what I’d imagine that form to be :smile:


This looks great. Nice job

I like.
I like your version of Hutere better,though.

i have a question a former toa of what

Nothing, actually. He has a complex backstory.

Nice MOC.

Buster way are you so small? /s

Groovy looking version of Oronix man.

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As I have said, I love this MOC. But I would appreciate it if you put something in the title to indicate that this is your own revamp. The only reason that I say this is because the titles for this and my actual Oronix MOC are almost identical and I would like to avoid confusion.