Osorenix, Shadow of Terror

This is the second version of a moc I have been working on for an RP I am doing. After receiving feedback, I have reworked some stuff and given him a new title.

And who would I be if I forgot his herald?

The Two together:

I hope you like it! Constructive criticism encouraged, as always. :grinning:


Looks awesome!

The leg connection looks a bit thin and unarmored though.

The upper body is good. The legs are good. But the way they are connected is not, try filling that area out.


He reminds me of a Zelda enemy of some kind. I agree with Joe, but this has potential and I like it.

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Is that a good thing?

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I basically agree with Joe. Almost all of the MOC is good. Except for those areas where the legs are connecting to the body. Try filling those out a little.

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My opinion remains unchanged :stuck_out_tongue:

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He still looks great. Nice job

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Forgot to mention this, but I think you should use claws made out of the Exo-Force robot arms instead of the Piraรฑa feet.