Osso the Junkheap

This is a strange MOC for me. For one thing, it's nothign like what I had planned. For another, it's the first thing I've ever built that could be considered "good".Overall, I'm quite happy with him, although there is a gap in his chest that I can't fix. his arm also has a tendency to fall off due to the balljoint used.

blurry back view

please give your thoughts and criticisms below, I really appreciate any input.


Is there any way you could cover his back with Inika chest armor?

unfortunately no. the peg-holes are too close together, and the figure is too wide for it to fit.

Yeah, even if there were a way to make it work, some of it would probably be exposed from the front anyway. =/ Maybe a Bohrok shield (with a few other pieces to get it to attach, of course)?

Maybe you could use some technic liftarms or something? I dunno, I like the look of this moc. It looks very classy.

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Looks rather basic, which honestly wouldn't be a problem were it not for the back. My suggestion would be to try to use the holes in the Rahkshi torso pieces to attach more stuff; perhaps an Inika shoulder piece via some three-unit liftarms?

kinda gappy in the back there, otherwise he looks good from the front

Coolio I like it.

Very neat.

You could try using a Bohrok faceplate to cover up the open space in the back.

That back... REALLY needs to be covered up. Maybe a foot piece would do the trick? I dunno. You need something large. Otherwise this is pretty cool

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well then...
it appears you made the matoran/turaga(I'm not quite sure) version of one of my mocs...

they even share the same parts leprosy.

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Wow. That's quite similar. By parts leprosy do you mean one of his arms falls off?

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(though one more than the other.)


basically what this update was was perfecting the aesthetic. I changed the arms to make them fit the more rounded, bulky look of the figure, and I added a couple of bushings to the insides of the Rahkshi torso things, making the torso look more complete. also in the chest is a new swinging gear doohickey that I'm not sure why I included. On the back is my solution to the major problem of the MOC, which shows its effectiveness in the above picture. As before, any thoughts or criticisms are welcome.


Update: Osso is dead. Vojak is coming