Ostrokka challenge (not a contest)

I challenge you to make your own version of an ostrokka

This is only a “do it for fun” challenge since the ostrokka build is pretty simple.

There will not be prizes or a first place, you have a month and can do many tries as you want. just a little challenge to see what can you do :upside_down:

(Any question will be answered in replies)


Does it have to be technic?

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@Omega_Tahu no, you can use any part you want

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I’ll give this a shot. Seems like a cool idea.

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imma try and make a really big one

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Thanks, i’m waiting to see it

Does it have to have exactly all of the same characteristics? Like, can I add arms if I really wanted?

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@Novel make it however you want, you can put a house in his head if you wish. Do whatever you want,

This looks like fun! I shall make an Ostrokka!

Edit- Here it is! It looks a bit like Ikir now that I think of it…


@MysteryMuffin Looks awesome

@Mechmaster how is that going?

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I gave up because I had other stuff to do. I’m back to making now so I’ll make a version

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How u doin?

Since everyone has forgotten this thing, i’l extendend the finish time to december

oh, hey. I forgot about this thing… thanks for extending the deadline 'n stuff

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Can someone close this please?