Ourius, Breaker of Minds

Here is Ourius, Breaker of Minds. A massive behemoth from somewhere in the universe. He is a Titan with the power to control, Fire and Ice. But he is also a very intelligent and tactical creature, capable of taking down powerful enemies without a blow being dealt. However, when it comes to hand to hand combat he is strong and precise, with every blow being carefully calculated and skillfully executed, Managing to take down many mighty beings at once, Ourius is looming threat over all that dare challenge him. (and before you go and complain about the colors being off I know all about it, but it was impossible in several cases to have matching colors because of the limited amount of parts I have)




Darnit Likus.

MOC is a good start I think. The colors really do ruin it for me though.

Aside from that, he’s really cluttered armor-wise too. I’ll spare you the critique cannon due to the aforementioned lack of parts, though.


Yeah, while the build is interesting, the amount of colours on this thing just make it come across as cluttered. If you have the parts, I suggest you pick at least two different colours and work from there.

Very colorful.

reading that description is extremely strong, makes me think of a guy like Arnold Schwarzeneggar. But when you look at the moc, I can’t help but feel like I’m getting ripped off of what my expectations. I get the part count does come to play which is common for most people, so really my only suggestions are 1. get more parts and 2. try to stick to a color scheme of 2 or 3 colors, either complementary or something worth working with.

agree very much, and have revamped the MOC a bit.

Here you can see the revamp of Ourius, I fixed the possibility and stability problems with his legs, and cleaned up the color scheme a bit by removing the gold, he may look a bit cluttered still but some of the more glaring issues have been eliminated.

So considering you already have addressed the colors I will not address it. The MOC has some really strong parts, particularly the legs and the the shoulders. Everything is pretty solid, my only complaint would have to be the waste/mid torso. It’s fairly easy to tell you were trying to make the torso longer, but unfortunately the upper torso does not transition well into the lower, mostly due to the 2 gunmetal armor pieces on the side, they stick out sort of awkwardly. But otherwise a decent MOC.

Version 2 also looks incredibly solid, but my main complaint still applies, and I still really like the legs.

Ignoring the colors, because of what you said, the shape and build of this guy looks pretty cool.

If you changed the colors of the moc it would actually be pretty good.