Overlord of Light - Takanuva

Hello again people :blush:
So here is my second version of our good guy Takanua
More and better pictures will come tomorrow :blush:


Nice moc! My only advice is to make the body have a bit more white. Other than that though, I’d say it’s perfect!

very nice

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only thing i don’t like on this is the hands, they feel awkwardly shaped (and maybe a bit more white in the torso, idk). otherwise looks solid, don’t want to assume it’s a bignicle but i’m pretty sure it is.

@Cordax 100% agree but im missing white parts so thats why… but i will change it when white parts arrives :star_struck:
@elementalheroshadow only thing from bignicle frame is lower section of legs.Skeleton of thighs is completly different aswell as rest of my built :blush::blush:

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The both of them look like ornamental trophies. Very cool!


Oh wow. I love how royal he looks. The feather-y texture created with the dragon pauldrons, talons, spikes, and such makes for this beautiful angelic look. However, I do think the purple ribcages stick out a bit, and I feel the skirting is a bit sparse. Maybe some white cloth would help? But overall, very nice.

@Cocoa Thank you glad you like it :blush:Yeah at first i wanted to put on him trans blue ribcages but i had just one and it looks bit better :blush:also i ordered white torso so then i will try combination maybe with gold ribcages will see how it will loks like with with torso or gold with trans blue ribcages :blush:and yes skirt si something that i deffinitely want to upgrade so good idea i will try :muscle::blush:

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