Overrated Movies

I could not find such a topic anywhere, so I hope it can continue to exist.

What are the most overrated movies In your opinion?

I think the Star Wars franchise is way to overrated. Sure, they are very good, classic movies (at least that is what it used to be), but other then that, why is it so overrated? So many SW comics, books, TV Shows, anthologies, why? Is just a movie franchise, like any other. And the Internet is always flooded with SW theories and such. I love the movies, and they are definitely one of my favourites. But I don’t consider anything outside the movies to be cannon to me. I just don’t care about any extended universe that they keep creating. In conclusion, SW is a great franchise, but WAY TO OVERRATED.

I also think the Disney movies are overrated. You always see pictures on Disney Princess on walls of Kindergardens, and people always sing those songs from the movies. Again good movies, but just why I see Disney Princesses EVERTWHERE?

Also Minions. There is nothing special about them, but I see them everywhere. And too much hype for that minions movie. Like in the case of Disney, I SEE MINIONS EVERYWHERE!

Now, let’s discuss!

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