A sadistic machine created to watch over the workers. It is programmed to ensure maximum production and minimum happiness.


Neck detail

Made to use a bunch of parts that I had laying around taking up space, and also to delve further into abstract concepts I’ve been meaning to get to.


"Of work robots I am the best

Your minimum happiness is my quest."

Absolutely astounding unique parts usage. I highly enjoy the rotuka spinner… zippy thingies (I don’t remember what they’re called) being used as the lower legs.


That’s a… menacing.

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So many unconventional uses here, like the Rhotuka spinners as legs, Rodes to shape the head (?), and misc. G1 weapon parts that shape the torso. Very creative build, and it ends up looking very nice!


I never thought I’d see a day where Rhotoka ripcords would be used for anything other than their explicit purpose.

Besides crafty parts usage, the abnormal positioning of the neck and various other design elements make for a very creepy, eyecatching MOC.


“and minimum happiness” instantly thinks of “we happy few”
(only watched a lore of the game)

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Thank you! The rhotuka ripcords are really neat in their appearance, and I had a bunch hanging around that I wanted to use.

Thanks! Yeah, the two Rodes are used to make a cyclopean head (I just designed it so the neck ran along the torso and positioned the head in the crotch-region). Glad you like it.

There was an old Brickeen’s MOC that used them in a somewhat similar way. I really wanted to make something weird and thought the ricords provided a nice contrast to the round and bulkier portions of the MOC. Thanks!

Definitely a game worth playing :wink:

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This has got to be one of the most creative and impressive MOCs I have ever seen. The character, structure, use of pieces to form said character, etc.

You have me stunned by this MOC. Solid work.


Thank you! I tried to make sure the design was complimentary to the parts I incorporated (although it made photography pretty annoying).

Glad you like it.

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