Overwatch Reinhardt Tablescrap.

I have recently bought overwatch, and I loved playing Reinhardt. I saw the set and I realized that the armor was too big. I made this as a batter scaled version.


He’s adorable! Splendid work. Now you gotta make his hammer.

thanks! I might change him up a bit because I realize this actually has potential.

Oh, this is great!

It always bothered me that the set size is so perfect, but he has the minifig peanut head. Never looked quite right!

Also, Reinhardt is a great choice of main. Tanks for life.

I’m a Zarya main, if you ever need an off tank hmu…

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Nice. What headpiece is that? Where is it from?

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It’s from the official lego overwatch reinhardt and D.Va set. The reason I made this is because the original was wayyy to big. Also, I’m going to be posting some pictures of the revamped version later.

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