Paris Support Topic

Yesterday, an attack by a radical Islam group suspected to be ISIL killed more than 120 people and injured at least 300 more. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the innocents hurt and killed, and those affected by this tragedy. This topic is where I'd like to send a personal message from our community:
"We are with you"
Please reply where you're from, and express your message of support.

From Hawaii, I stand with you.


My condolences go out to Paris. Hopefully this won't happen again.


Pretty shocking. I give my condolences to the people injured and killed.

I'm Stoax from Massachusetts and I stand with France.


it's sad, ISIS deciding to damage such a nice place and make us lose some possibly nice people.

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My condolences to those who lost someone and may those who where injured heal. I Gwideon stand with you.

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Our hearts go out to everyone in Paris right now. We all at TTV express our sympathy, and hope that you are all safe. Especially, if any fans happen to be in Paris and happen to read this at some point - we hope you are safe and sound.

This is a worldwide event, and while it definitely has political/religious consequences, it's not a political/religious matter. That being said, please be considerate when discussing this matter further. The staff will be monitoring this topic heavily, and we would like to just take this as a horrific human tragedy, not a platform to start a spitting war between ideologies.


Once I heard of this terrible event, I immediately tried to show my support, and I still will. Vive la France, Paris, and be safe. You have my support.


Truly a dark day in human history. I cannot even begin to understand the loss of the people whose loved ones were lost.

I'm Political_Slime from Massachusetts, and I stand with France.


these types of acts disgust me, how could there be people who do so much good in the world and then people like this who do this kind of stuff. I can't do anything except send my condolences and hope for the best

I'm Middlefingerstudios from Hawaii, and I stand with France


Good to know, I was worried.

I'm Rac from Oklahoma and I approve this message.

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I'm Chronicler from the proud state of Oregon and I stand with France.


This is the kind of time where it is in our best interests to do whatever we can. Pray, if you're religious. Donate if you can spare the money, the food, or what have you.

But most of all, stand with our brothers and sisters.

I'm SammySpartan from Connecticut, and I stand with France.

Edit: Also, be mindful people.


I'm Plural from North Carolina, here to stand with Paris. I hope that those who were impacted by this harsh and devastating event will know that they're not alone.


I just hope that those that have gotten injured, or know someone that was killed will soon feel better and that the country will overcome what has happened.

I'm Booster_Gold from California, and I stand with France.


I pity France. May France and her people be safe and spared from the incident. This is Lance from North Carolina supporting France.

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I couldn't believe it when I first heard about this! :frowning:

I'm Lord_Tuma of New York, and I stand with France.

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I send out my condolences to those who lost those known to them during the recent France and Lebanon terrorist attacks.
These terrorist attacks are quite a frightening reality for the people living in targeted areas such as Paris, I'm not sure how I'd deal with such imminent threats.

I'm The Esquire from Ontario, and I stand with France and Lebanon.


I'm Willess12 from Texas from Texas and I show my support.

I don't have anything else to say beyond that.



I will stand with France. We will not be intimidated by evil, but we will fight back. My prayers go out to all the people in Paris and for the families affected by these cowards, for that is what they are.


I can unfortunately only do nothing but remember and keep going on.