Part of a Script for Episode ??? Turahk and Lewa

The Wafflemeister is back yet again! Listening to the last podcast, I heard them say something like “if you are a writer-in-self-training and want to be talked about on Brainstorm, write a script like this”, and I leaped in the air to race to the computer.

Not really sure how to share Google Docs online, but here is my attempt. After the latest Brainstorm, I decided to right my own little bit of an episode. Not sure what episode this would happen in, but it focuses mainly on a conversation between Lewa and Turahk. It suggests some character for the two, as well as an internal conflict in Lewa. Basically this happens while Onua, Lewa, and Tahu are heading to the archives, and would have fought Leerahk, Guurahk, and Vorahk once before. They don’t know about Makuta, or what the Rahkshi are. Lewa is nearly certain Leerahk is Iruini, and those three have not encountered Turahk before. I think that’s all of the restraints, so here it is: (Enjoy!)

Brickonicle Script


It is a really good 10 minute scene. A nice batgain too, wondering how this will get resolved. I don’t want it to become like a Moffat’s series, promising stuff and never delivering.

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I like the script…it could be a good set up should they ever decide they might want to do a version of the Infected Lewa plotpoint in this gen.

I also like the idea that the Rahkshi’s mutations come with some sort of side effect that hurts them, such as Iruni being slowly killed by his own poison. What do you suppose the other Rahkshi might suffer from?

I figure Vorahk for example might suffer from having to constantly drain energy from everyone and everything around him in order to keep himself alive. Maybe Panrahk’s body phases between corporeal and ethereal the more he uses his illusion powers? Or Turahk’s own fears cause everything to unravel for him and suffers a massive mental breakdown?

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I always kind of imagined that their powers were also their weaknesses, Iruini using poison but also being poisoned, Norik using fear but also cowardly, Vorahk having a hunger that could never be satisfied. Kurahk’s secret could be that he’s “always angry” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, and Guurahk could struggle from just being a hollowed-out emotionless shell of a Matoran.

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See, what I was thinking from this pitch is that the Rahkshi Powers, apart from being personal quirks they found a way to weaponize, they actually physically or mentally harm them in some form.

Lehrak in this proposed script and in the series bible is presented as having been a very poisonous guy to be around when he was Iruni.

The fact that he will likely turn away Vizuna, the only person in his life we know who was willing to help him, and probably ending up dying of his own poison adds a great tragic element to his character.

It’s already been established that Iruni is supposed to be the viewer’s “eyes and ears” into the goings-on of the Brotherhood. The last podcast I believe made an interesting point about how it’s easy to take for granted that these Rahkshi used to be people from all walks of life and this development is a great way of building on that.

I wish I could take credit for the whole “Lerahk is being poisoned by his powers”, but the cast kind of made that.

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Vorahk and Panrahk both sound akin to Krika now that you put it that way. Hopefully they don’t run into a Felnas…