Par'thezar the Scoundrel

A completely untrustworthy, unscrupulous, undeniably wretched scoundrel. His own mother hates him. He's so unlikeable that he is 100% germ free. . . because even bacteria can't stand to be near him.



Perhaps he senses some uncleanness in this world.

This is one of many good example that users can make basic moc into something menacing, the fingers only looks good at certain angles and the placement of red parts were executed well.

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What did he do to deserve this?

The MOC is great, love the small details.


This looks really nice, good job!

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He's arms seem quite wide. Can they go any lower or is that how you posed him? Love the colour scheme, the cape, the build, the use of the little blade pieces and that mask. Those legs are genius, probably my favourite part. Good job.

Looks like a scruffy looking nerf herder.

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Nice MOC. I think the arms need a bit of resizing to be smaller and having some more rough details too.