Partnership Serial Auditions for TTV: Origins

So I've been looking to make a prequel to for my comedy/action serial TTV: Next Gen. If you haven't read it, here it is. I plan to name it TTV: Origins. Now, I have two prequels ready, one explaining the adventures of a middle aged Meso, and another detailing Eljay on the run from the Other. To audition, write the first paragraph for whichever one you would like to join me in writing. I will choose one and only one member to join me in this venture. If you are chosen, then your first paragraph will be coupled by about three or four of my own to create the first entry. After that, we will alternate in writing the serial. I will expect you to update the topic at least once per week, as time permits. Please try to not go all out and type a 20 sentence paragraph. Also, if you have a copious amount of grammatical errors, then I will ask you to clear up your writing. I'll be closing up the auditions in one week, on the 23rd of June. Thanks, and good luck!


Thunder struck the ground near Eljay. How did the Other manage to find me? Eljay thought suspiciously. Unless -- A thought, of suspicion, Apps, Legos, and more, arose. Than Eljay was hit be lightning. The thought, now lost... forever.

Please tell me I'm good... Please? wink

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Pretty great bruh. I'm just going to wait the week's time, and then I'll let everyone know if they got in. Thanks for the reply!

Anything bad about it? I'm not perfect.

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A bit longer would be nice, also, wrong than in "Than Eljay was hit by lightning." I'd suggest stretching it to about ten or so sentences, too.

Eljay ran. Running was not his forte, not by a long shot. Although he had held a few jobs that required heavy lifting capabilities, he had never needed to run, not like this. "How in the hell did the Other get AppLego tech into a weapon?" he thought to himself. "Unless they sell death lasers to everyone who buys an AppLego sticker." unfortunately for Eljay, thinking and dodging boulders, tree-trunks, and low hanging branches do not, and I mean they really really do not, go hand in hand. THUD! Eljay hit a branch with enough force to make the universal cool guy voice shout "K.O!!!" Eljay plopped to the ground, out cold

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not to be a Pirean_Grammaticul here, but lasers is spelt with an s, not z, otherwise this is pretty fun to read

Also. welcome back?


Thunder struck the ground near Eljay. How did the Other manage to find me? Eljay thought suspiciously. Unless -- A thought, of suspicion, Apps, Legos, and more, arose. Than Eljay was fell to the ground, like a stoned bird. Lightning struck and struck again, each time with more and more voltage. But with each bolt, a power came to Eljay. Any memory of that thought in Eljay was now lost.

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Yes, yes, very good.

A'right, here goes.
And a 1... and a 2... and a 3... Commence!

The rain pattering on the dry, cracked soil beside him, the old, wrinkled mask-wearing attempted to run, all of his strength channeled into his legs. How the heck did the Other gain hold of the Podcast information, he wondered, If they've never cared to take even ONE look back at the Podcast with their uncaring misinforming nature?
Suddenly, 2 blue objects darted out behind him all of a sudden. The elderly man bent down to take a look at the items.
The capsules, looking like blue pins, broke open, and out came a message, reading:
Get to the abandoned headquarters immediately. We have business to discuss.

If you want to get my partnership, use the PM function; I can receive the topics of interest then.

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This is great!
I wasn't expecting so many good entries

We have so many good writers. I'm probably not one of them.

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Haha I usually don't have to spell Lasers. Like ever.

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No, man, you're really good!

The quality of the entries is good, I'd probably enter but I have neither the dedication nor time (at the very least from stuff I really do just for my own amusement) to go on writing this stuff.

Kudos to the one that will get the spot.


A tall black figure rose from a large crater and heaved his mighty arm onto a nearby rock surface. His clawed feet scrabbled for a hold as the rock gave way and he felt himself falling. He stretched his large wings and began to soar into the sky like a angel on a rocket. His large chest rose and fell as he saw a camp on top of a cliff.

"Applego" the warrior snarled as his clawed hands wrapped around his broad sword and he flew to the camp like a winged ghost of death.


I assume that this entry is for the Eljay prequel, right?

I just made it cause I could...but sure!

i can do illustrations of charaters or a comic version

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That'd be great man!