Parts as masks?

So, recently I made a Toa of Time MoC, wearing the Kanohi Vahi. Only problem was that I don't actually own the Vahi. So instead I attached a Glatorian leg armor piece (like the ones on Mata Nui) to my MoC's face. So My question is, has anyone else ever used a piece that was never intended to be a mask as a mask?


Those zamour sphere launchers look pretty cool attached to metru heads.

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II do this sometimes, but what I really like to do is use masks as armor pieces. It gives a really cool effect either way and makes your MOC look more unique.


I wish I could do that. I just never got duplicates of sets so I can't make it symmetrical

Didn't that @DargeD guy have some custom made mask?

I like using masks as shoulder armor, especially masks I have duplicates of.

Have I ever used a nonstandard part as a mask? coughJethryn cough


I've never used a singular piece as a mask but I love to make custom out of more than one piece.

I actually used a tridax pod as mask once. They were lying around so I had to put them to use somehow.

I also would use foot pieces as freaky heads.

I would use feet as heads

Why yes I do, I have several designs


Such custom, much wow.


I used to use Bohrok shields as masks.

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My brother likes to... EXPERIMENT, when it comes to head design.

Also, i'd recommend using Phantoka Pohatu's Kakama instead for a Vahi. It gives the same effect. Just take off the visor piece.