Partuka (G3 Self-MOC) (Non-Canon)

Well here’s my G3 self MOC. Image was made by @Asriel.

Name: Partuka
Sex: Male
Age: 25-27
Element: Earth
Region: Motara
Attributes: (out of 10)
Strength: 8
Toughness: 9
Agility: 7
Mind: 8
Occupation: Outlaw/ Trader
G1 mask: Pehkui
Tools: Rope, Small Knife, Sack
Weapon: Battle Axe

Background: Partuka is a Tiroan male considered an outlaw by most. He was recently banished from Tiro because of an act of thievery. Because of this, he moved into the land of Motara, and kept relatively quiet, only communicating with others when he needs anything, which he pays for using stolen items. He has befriended several motaran locals. Most are thieves themselves. Although the past of Partuka is somewhat dark, he plans to return to his homeland once he believes he has been forgotten.


Man… aggressive-type Tiroans are scary