Payinku Neo

I sort of mixture of toa and matoran forms in desk toy scale(which basically means my toa mata build).

I think I’ve officially gone full on Hilde in regards to my weapons.


Thank you for viewing.


This is pretty neat
I like the colour scheme


How did you make the head light up? I think the shoulders are slightly low, but it looks pretty good.


Pretty cool, I think the cape and the flag on the weapon really compliment his design.

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Blacklight. Which is also why the colors went full Jojo in those pics.

I can see what you mean, especially considering that the other versions of my self-moc have proper high shoulders, but it’s not that bad, and given the compact torso it’s not really possible to get the shoulders exactly right.

Thanks :grinning:


I like the way he looks small, just looks nice to me.

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Can I ask how the torso is constructed? I’ve been wanting to do a custom toa at mata scale, and I’m looking for ideas on how to keep it at that size…

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It’s a modified version of this.