Payinku's MOC Topic (feedback wanted)

I've decided to go ahead and make a MOC topic, the first few features will be just moving my favorite moc's here as past highlights, but all future moc's will be here.

so, for my first highlight, my makuta teridax moc, through the ages.


He looks very cool and intricate, good job yum

second highlight:
my best rahi moc: the khodaris mantis


third highlight, this is a big one, only a few of these guys are still around.

Toa Delkas' Toa Team


fourth Highlight: Toa Inhaza: Karzahni's Guard
my accidental headmaster,

I will eventually get around to posting new mocs here, don't worry.


hey look, I made a new MOC,

@Takua's Self-Moc V1(the two masks are because I haven't decided on which mask to use for V2)

you're welcome to share any thoughts about my mocs.


new moc
@Ekorak hordika,

the blue represents energy flowing through him, I realise it wouldn't be there normally.


so @Ekorak as a hordika...?

Takua: I think he looks really cool like a large Mc-toran. There are some strange bits but I still think it looks good.(Use the Blue pakari pakari nuvas look so ugly... maybe that's just me)

Ekorak Hordika: I haven't seen regular Ekorak except for I think once a while ago so I can't tell how accurate this is but do think it looks properly Hordiakfied. I think its cool that you used the original lower legs but the armour stands out a bit too much. I would recommend possibly trying to turn the leg around so the back is forwards and put the armour in the gap that creates.

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In all seriousness, I actually kinda like the blue. It wouldn't fit on the actual Ekorak, but it works here. The head is, of course, very fitting, the exact same head as the current version without his cap. Not sure how I feel about the dark red, but I guess it fits with the trans red. More thoughts when I can get Imgur to work.

tried that, not only did the parts not fit together, the knee was basically useless, as much as I love the hordika legs, they aren't very useful for moccing anything other than hordika.

if the part had come in trans red I would have used that instead,

surprised you never mentioned the white spikes,
or how the weapon actually looks like a hordika version of your scythe.

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Like I said, more thoughts when Imgur works. I can only see the first picture XP

I was having trouble getting it to work myself.

Another new MOC

A Mutated Kraata, which grew to enormous size,

maybe a little skinny, but this thing is the size of a small snake.


Imagine a rahkshi big enough to hold it.


I take it you were mostly inspired by the Movie Kraata and the Rahkshi log while making this, yes?

Either way, simple but very nice to look at.


The Hordika colours could use some work IMO.

I love that mutated Kraata though!


I like your Makuta, though he seems a bit top-heavy. I know the arms are part of it, but the body itself also seems to have that going on to a certain degree.

The mantis looks great; I love how you utilized the Carapar claws and the Glatorian things for its wings.

Toa Team looks fantatstic; I especially like the guy in the Komau.

Inhaza is interesting, I really like the nonstandard build. (What's a headmaster, though? I'm assuming it's not in the context of a school.)

@Takua's MOC is interesting. I'm personally biased against most of the Nuva masks, so I'd suggest going with the blue Pakari.

@Ekorak Hordika looks great; the red and blue work surprisingly well together here. I like the horn on his snout.

Mutated Kratta is probably my favorite; I really like how you've gone with the movie aesthetic here. Though I do have to question the white claws coming from the head, which look sort of weird, like ears or something. If you could use a pair of these to make them look swept-back, that might look better. Up to you, though.

Overall, these are pretty nice!

Nice mocs, @Payinku!

he looked far worse in the beginning, the latest version I think looks pretty ok, though he was originally designed to have ridiculous proportions, and I scaled it way back as I improved him, also, he's might look top heavy but he's incredibly solid, the pistons in the legs make him hold a pose pretty much any way I want.

yeah, the claws and wings just looked to good not to use.


transformers, the headmasters would become the heads of larger robots.

yeah, I did after.

well, then, guess this is what they mean by beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

it seems the less effort I put into something the better it is...

that was a reference to the moc that the head came from(my galione shark), I agree it looks odd, I may very well change that.

thanks @Takua!