Payinku's new Self-mocs

(I feel this is important enough to not just be thrown into my moc topic.)

So with G2 bionicle in my possesion, I have finally made my self-mocs
(which will improve in the future)

if you say they look simplistic, good, that was intentional, I don't want some super complex and fragile self-moc, I want something I like the look of.

without further adieu,


I really like the second guy's shield. Also, why must you use that one piece that I don't have. ;-;


What piece is that?

Onua Mistika's shield piece.

mine's actually from titan takanuva...
so technically I don't have it either.


k, bye. :runner:


Very creative and unusual weapons!
First guy has an unusual but acceptable colour scheme
Armor placement on the second guy is great
Proportions are a bit off on the first guy, but quirky enough to be acceptable
You have a nice, clean sunlit area to showcase your Mocs (unlike me where I just shoot in the bathroom XD)

First guy suffers from Fire Lord thigh disease
Second guy has too many colours and no "flow" if you know what I mean

Verdict: First guy: 5/10 Second guy: 2/10


a protector with protector proportions,
clearly a con...

no more colors than some of the official G2 sets, though I suppose the trans bones should probably go.

no, I don't, if you mean armour flow than I don't see it, otherwise I don't understand.

that's just cruel.

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You could've used the smallest CCBS bone piece and that would've been fine, but you had to use the second smallest which made his thighs look like axle sticks.


As far as CCBS armor flow goes, I guess it looks fine. But the grey spike add-ons on his shoulders clash a bit.

Fine, first guy: 5.1/10 Second guy: 2.3/10 :stuck_out_tongue:

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fine, I guess we'll just have to disagree, he needs to be taller than normal protectors. without shells on the upper legs. it doesn't bother me.

the unfortunate evolution of avohkii shoulder pauldrons, now supposed to represent more fur-like material.(which is also an excuse for why they aren't gold/silver) so the clashing flow is intended.

Ok. You didn't provide much concept/intents behind the Mocs, thus I didn't know if they were supposed to look like that, so I just critiqued what I saw.
Don't worry if I get too harsh. You can be harsh on my Mocs as well stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

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I may have gotten a touch defensive since they're my self-mocs, have no fear that in time they will naturally be improved.


yink what were you talking bout

my moc of you is near identical to this

But yeah, this looks interesting. Not sure if I like the flow of armor to feet on Protector Yink, plus the green studs look a little out of place with the trans-blue bones. confused

Toa Payinku has too many colors for me to like. Brown, gold, silver, white, grey, trans-blue, trans-green, it's just a mess. More than that, I'm not really a fan of the Gold + Brown combo, kinda reminds me of mustard...

Sorry if I'm bein a bit too harsh, just thought I'd share my thoughts. smile



I'm getting rid of the trans blue.

I'll try to get another pohatu, and get rid of the gold.

yeah, I may have taken some "inspiration"...

but I like mustard...


Matoran: Simplicity aids these types of characters. I think his weapons upset the color balance, getting rid of the yellow bushings and giving him trans green ammunition should make him look better. I don't like the use of the thigh pieces, they make the legs quite skeletal. I'd like to see those replaced with pieces one size longer, with armor. And the shield just looks weird, when you can see the handle.

Toa: Too many colors is all I can say at the moment. I like the idea of the shield, if it can be made to mesh with the rest of him better.

I'm working with the feedback I'm getting, they're looking better.

this was more to reveal my new self-mocs to the boards,


looks good man

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Trans bones are fine as LONG as trans blue is not under burnt orange ;n;


The upper legs on both are pretty bare. The protector I can understand, but the larger moc looks pretty gappy. I like the way these look though. Awesome!


First of all the first self moc sucks in my opinion
Here are my complaints
Too skinny on upper arms
Weapon looks random in my opinion
Shouldve used protector mask
Randomness in color scheme
Looks like ammo would bounce of of staff
Here are pros
Has staff
Has accurate sized shield
Here are my complaints with the bigger guy
Again randomness in color scheme
Again randomness in weapons
Calf armor looks terrible
Almost forgot both are complete copies of other bionicle g2 sets
Heres the good
Imagining without color scheme hes meh
Staff is cool
Thats about it hope critique helps and makes this moc way better
Also both get 4/10 biggerr guy was saving grace for the terrible terrible terrible little guy

dude, these died a while ago...