Payinku's toa team (well technically it's delkas' toa team, but I made them.)

I liked my prototype toa, and had the parts, so I decided to make an entire team.

let's get started
the team

in order of completion:

Toa Payinku" master of Plasma(yes I changed it.)


Toa Destinus: master of Iron(my friends self-moc, I made.)


Toa Valus: master of Psonics


Toa Vulamus: master of Fire


Toa Delkas: Master of Jungle


Toa Gravums: master of Stone


so how are they?


(We need more masks in different colors .-.)
I like'em!
I'm not a MOC critic, but they seem to each keep a pretty solid color scheme and such.


I'm liking Payinku and Destinus. They seem well built, with good proportions and consistent color schemes.

I'm kinda 'eh' on the rest. The Keetorange on Valus really breaks the color scheme, and I'm not liking the gold-staff-piece-things on the lower legs. Vulamus's feet are a bit small, and his lower torso seems a bit thin considering how bulky the rest of him is. Also, I'm not a fan of the Burnt Orange in the upper legs. Delka's shoulders are a bit wide considering his body type, and the legs seem a bit too short for me. IDK about Gravum's shoulder pieces, they kinda seem a Also his Keetorange also breaks up the color scheme.

Overall, these are well built; I'm mostly griping about the color schemes. stuck_out_tongue


Payinku: Upper legs look a bit odd, and of course none of these have Lateral Bicep Movement, but still cohesive enough I suppose.

Destinus: Orange+Keetorange=Meh for me personally.

Valus: I'm not a fan of the Keeotrange here either. The gold, blues, and silver work well tho. Also exposed sockets on the hips look weird.

Vulamus: Not bad at all, I like his puffy torso, but the burnt orange seems odd.

Delkas: No major complaints, actually.

Gravmus: I am not a fan of how he came out much at all really, just in shape and also colorscheme.


not enough gold pieces to look Psonic, keetorange was a decent substitute, may change,

I don't really like them either, but, see above,

definitely changing them,

it's just the angle, it's not that bad, my camera was dying so I rushed these as it is, I'll post updates tomorrow,

couldn't be bothered to change it, will before update,

they have flip-up jets in them, and I wanted to reuse the shoulder design,

he's the tallest toa already, I don't want to make him taller,

I was running out of good parts at this point, I don't like him either, I'll revamp him before the update.


Just embrace the tallness Yink. It'll work better with his long torso. :slight_smile:

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all the male torsos are the same length actually, he just has a long neck.

Huh. Well, I still feel like longer legs would look better, but if you disagree that's perfectly fine. After all, these are your MOCs, not mine. smile

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nah, I'll see what I can do.

fixed Vulamus already.

and Valus

alright, gravums is finally looking better, still the weakest of them but much better.


Nice. Glad to see Plasma as Painku's element =P


superheating his halberd sounds pretty cool though, right? cut through makuta armor like a hot knife through butter.

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weakest are the last two, the earth and jungle toa, and your strongest might be your self moc

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Oh man they're really cool! :3
My fav is Gravums!

really? everyone else (including me) dislikes him, in fact I overhauled his look.

that's because I was running out of good parts.


I will be uploading the updates in a bit.


UPDATE:(not a double post.)

the team 2.0, Orange is the team color,

Payinku (no updates)





Gravmus(he got renamed slightly because he's less derpy now)



Better! :3


Mmm, I like em! The orange doesn't always work, but it's good.

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I feel I should mention that four mocs and vakama were cannibalized to bring you this team.
I was going to scrap three of them anyway.

I particularly like the designs for the toa of plasma.

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uh, toas?
not to sound like a jerk but,
what do you mean?