Peiratís; Pirates of the Sandy Sea

A storm raged above as three ships prepare for battle on the sands, the Amino stood against the twin pirate ships the Marvara, and the Seree onboard each was our cast as the Amino readied it’s weapons and the twin pirate ships ready their own assault.
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It was an unusual thing for Thallos to be present to any major degree in a conflict. If the Triumviate had not requested his appearance there in so subtle a manner, it was unlikely he’d pay any real attention to it. He was used to twisting people’s arms and being an antagonistic presence in a tense confrontation among the wealthy or powerful, not standing around, being irritated by all the noise and commotion, and being constantly asked by high-ranking officers to kindly move out of the way so they and everyone else walking through the most important hall on the entire ship could perform their duties.

Regardless, here he was, somewhat unsettled after the Amino had fired its first volley without someone having the goodness to inform him prior to it, and trying very hard not to look like a child with his hands clasped to his ears waiting for the next fateful attack.

Aboard the Marvara, a fellow by the name of Jameson Fairweather leaves his quarters after getting himself properly equipped for the current proceedings. Jim looks down the hall to his left, and then to his right, hoping that he could perhaps exchange a few words with someone before things got truly underway. He always welcomed a little bit of dialogue before battle. Jim curls the fingers of his cybernetic arm as he keeps an eye out for another soul in the corridor.

Brevik stood on the main deck of the Amino, giving orders. “Ready the cannons, and focus your fire on the Marvara, don’t stop firing till that ship is buried in the sand dunes.” He turned to Lourne who was accompanied by a few other snipers. “Lourne, take your sharpshooters and try to pick off as much of the enemy crew as you can before they come in range, then go bellow deck and make yourself useful by helping with the cannons.”
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Lourne nodded and gave a quick “Yes, Lord Hark.” Before him and his men turned to leave.

Brevik began walking to the captains corridors as he called over his shoulder to Lourne. “For the last time Lourne, just call me Brevik.” He chuckled as he took his seat beside some of the other officers and lit a cigarette, waiting for the battle to unfold.

Lourne smiled as he heard Brevik’s response, but new he had little time, and his smile soon faded away. He took his sniper position, and aimed his rifle at an unfortunate pirate abroad the Marvara, and pulled the trigger.

An engineer was walking by with a harpoon, “hey Jim” he said casually, even as the ship shook from a shot.

“Brevik, such casualness is not welcome during battle,” said the Amino’s captain sternly. As he calmly entered the bridge, “with the storm brewing we need to be at 100% efficiency.”


Break too remained calm as he stood up from his chair out of respect for the captain. “If you insist. Now about that storm, how long do we have till it sets in?”

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Looking up at the bridge, Thallos suddenly realized that the captain undoubtedly had some attempt at noiseproofing in his personal quarters - or maybe some old battle plans he could crumple up and stick in his ears. Regardless, that imbecile Brevik was assuredly up there, as he had ascended the stair to get there only a moment before, and he hadn’t the opportunity to meet him thus far.

Lowering his hands for a moment, he attempted to ascend the stair only to be shoved out of the way by four troops heading to the main deck. Brushing himself off, he quickly ascended the stair, jolting as another volley fired.

“we’ve got enough time,” he replied calmly.
OOC: 150 crew for the Amino and 50 per gallon

“How much time?” Break asked, it was obvious he had something specific in mind.

“Hey” echoes Jim with a short wave as he follows along, bracing himself against the bulkhead.

"private?’ asked the Captain, looking at a soldier at the helm
“an half an hour,” said soldier replied

The engineer heads towards the cannon bay

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Thallos stumbled into the bridge, growling at his ankles as he recomposed himself.

“Why? Someone getting restless?” He said, overhearing the time increment.

Jim follows. Going up top right now probably wasn’t the best course of action for him; he wonders if he can make himself useful by operating one of the Marvara’s cannons.

A small vessel approaches the two large ships, manned by who appeared to be a teenage boy with a polearm on his back. “Aw yeah!” He yells. “Battle time!”

Currently the Amino was on the left of the Marvara

The sands were rough for the small craft

Jim shrugs and mans an artillery cannon on the left side.

The cannon was a decent size, with a Gunner chair attached to it’s left, though it had to be manually reloaded

Jim hops into the chair with great enthusiasm and grips the controls.

“Hey,” he calls, looking around the cannon bay, “anybody here who can give me a hand with this?”

“I’ve got you,” replied the engineer, quickly loading a road, “you’re ready.”

Briskly Jim thanks the engineer, before turning the cannon to look for good targets along the Amino’s side- engines, weaponry, and so on.