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Perhaps. I’ll take that into consideration. What do you think the Jungle Trial should be before Skull Slicer is brought into play?

Don’t know. Last question. Why would I want to read your story? What does it have that I can’t find better versions of elsewhere?

I’ve rarely seen Bionicle and KH used together and one franchise seems compatible to Bionicle through various similarities.

There are lots of crossovers, Blackbelt, and not all of them are done well.

I know. My first attempt wasn’t too well done and I’ve read some good crossovers involving KH and Bionicle.

Traykar has some great points; the most important thing to nail down about a character is a goal and motivation; few people are going to be interested in a character who does good for no reward, simply because he is good and flawless. While it my be fun to plan out an epic, likeable characters are more important than the ■■■■■■ factor of whatever trials they may face. And making a likeable character is tough, don’t get me wrong.
Now, I’m not aware of anything KH related, so I won’t be able to provide much useful advice, however if there is one thing I can say, take Traykar’s questions seriously. Why does he really do what he does? Hero worship? A desire to prove himself to someone? The fact is, a desire to help people isn’t a very compelling motivation to risk ones life, simply because we humans, for the most part, struggle to empathize with millions of struggling people we can’t see or know.

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I think to myself, “What happened to being able to make a character that just does the right thing because it’s the right thing?” For me, I’ve had a friend break me down as if I were a character and a lot of focus seems to be on Virtues and Vices. Mine are Justice and Wrath. For me, my reasons for doing what I do end up being tied to my religion and I can’t discuss that sort of topic on here if I am understanding the MB rules correctly. Also, this was made to help me figure out events during the story. I asked for help with making little Zelda-esque dungeons for all this.

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Because that isn’t a character, but an archetype. Which is typically rather boring.


Regarding making such a character, well, times change. The ancient Greeks used to tell stories of great heros like Heracles and Achilles, but such characters have fallen out of fashion, and are no longer interesting in the modern age. People enjoy reading about flawed, realistic characters. Of course, if you desire your main character be a paragon, nobody would ever stop you, but you should be aware of potential flaws that may arise in your story. As @Ace said, characters with an impeccable moral compass and who only do good, with no counterbalance in a negative trait or flaw that causes them trouble, are just boring. Everybody thinks they’re the hero of their own story. What makes them right? Or wrong?

Anyway, it seems you aren’t interested in what I’m saying, which is totally fine, so I’ll be off. Good luck with your story, I hope it turns out well!

First off, that was an amazing use of mythology and proper figure names; I’m not lying that is a very impressive and fair point.

For me, I am an absolute novice at writing and understand the need to create flaws. I was thinking that I could go a similar route to Link, Mario and Sonic when they were introduced to the public: little backstory, their actions spoke for them and the people made the backstory. I want to make an interesting story and really do like what you have said but I myself am feeling like I’m too scared to try to do anything at this point because of how complicated the making of one character (pre-existing or otherwise) is and all I wanted was to try out something that looked fun. If anyone wants to help and is willing to keep an open mind, I’d love their input; just keep in mind I am a total novice and am feeling very overwhelmed (I feel like I’m required to make a story for each character on top of the one I’m actually trying to write). Sorry if that sounded whiny, I’m feeling overwhelmed and have no idea how to keep going. Schools never teach this sort of writing (and I wish my elementary through high school years did cover this)

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Think about it this way–you have a story idea in mind, which is where you want to get to right now. But if all you have is a plot and a few characters that do things in that plot, it’s less of a story and more of a series of “and then this happened” scenarios, but with dialogue. Characters are important because they are the actors of the story–they make the story move. And if you don’t have a reason for the actions they undertake in your story, the actions lose all sense of purpose and relevance.

Consider an example we all know and love: Takua refuses to accept his destiny as the Herald of the Seventh Toa in Mask of Light. As an action in a plot, his decision is important, but what MAKES it important is the thought-process behind it, the unique set of circumstances and beliefs that have led Takua to this point. He’s an outsider, someone who doesn’t fit in, who sees himself as separated from the narrative unfolding around him (i.e. “I don’t have a story”). When considering this history, it makes perfect sense why he refuses to take the Mask of Light–doing so would place him at the forefront of the story he is only trying to observe, something he doesn’t seem to want. It’s only later on that he realizes that he DOES want it, and that his difference from everybody else doesn’t have to exclude him from their story.

Now, without all of that inner conflict, Takua’s choices in the story have no meaning. If he was simply a random Matoran with no backstory who was chosen to be the Herald and refused, we as observers would wonder why someone with no particular reason to want (or not want) this task would refuse it. Without Takua’s unique motivations, his actions could be attributed to any stock character we want, and that makes them less realistic, because no one acts like a stock character. Even people who do good for the mere fact that they are right have a reason for it. No one wakes up in the morning and says, “I’m going to do X because X is good, and that’s it.” They say, “I’m going to do X because I believe X is good for reason Y, which has to do with aspect Z of my character or background.”

The best advice I can give you for creating characters that are realistic is to read a lot of great books and analyze their characters. In a way, the writing you learn in school is actually MORE helpful to you in some ways than a creative writing class, where you’d get the same advice I’m giving you now, but with specific directions and assignments. If you know what your characters want and why they want it, making decisions from their POV is far easier, and then your plot will seem less like a series of events and more like a narrative whole.

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Hey man, I totally get it. I think the problem is that sonic, Mario, and link are all video game characters, and what you’re doing, writing a story, is a little bit different. It’s totally okay to be scared and not know where to start, because in truth, there will always be people better than you or me at writing, and there will always be people who are worse. It just takes practice! And if you just wanna write a story for fun, that’s awesome too. (I also want to make sure you know that I haven’t been sarcastic at any point either, by the way).

This is an excellent point that I should have added earlier in my post. While we are giving you advice on this story, in the end, what you write and how you write it is up to you. If the idea of creating characters is too overwhelming for now, focus on what you WANT to do. You should never feel overwhelmed when writing a story, because that takes all of the fun out of the process. Remember that there’s always going to be the opportunity to edit and change your story in order to make improvements!

When I started writing back in middle school, I had a lot of similar inclinations as you’re having now. What was most valuable to me was reading excellent writing and sharing my work with people I trusted–and I DON’T mean people online. Critique and constructive criticism works a lot better when you’re speaking with someone face-to-face. If you can, I’d suggest sharing what you do with a close friend or family member.

But above all, practice makes perfect–the more you write, the better you’ll become. I noticed big improvements in my style and descriptions over the course of my years writing stories, and I still notice them every time I sit down to write. That’s one of the biggest payoffs of the whole thing, so if you’re concerned by your inexperience, don’t be. Every great writer started exactly where you are, and while some might have more natural talent or resources, you can become just as good with practice and commitment, and by having fun.

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Thanks for all you have said. But my main roadblock is that the stuff I am incorporating into my story are things my family knows little to nothing about and my friends are in a similar boat. I need help in learning how to make this work and I would like to have someone working alongside me as a way to keep things running and written properly. You seem very experienced in this sort of writing, may I ask if you’d be able to help me out on this? If not, do you know of anyone willing to help?

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d personally be able to keep up with you as often as you’d need me, as I will have a lot of stuff on my plate in the coming months, what with school, extracurricular activities, and a novel-writing class I’m going to be taking (because even I’m still learning :wink:). There is, however, a very nice blog site called “Now Novel” which has many articles about various aspects of crafting a longer piece of fiction. Here’s the link to its main page:

Other than that, I’d suggest posting your rough drafts here on the boards, so you can get feedback from everyone who shares your interests, rather than just one person. You can also use the Ask Greg forum–after all, he’s not only an author that we have access to, but one who wrote BIONICLE fiction. If you have questions about elements of craft that you think a real author should answer, he’s a great resource. You could also see if any of your favorite authors have places for fans to contact them with questions…perhaps you’ll get a response or two.

If you want someone to help you on a more personal level, though, I’d keep asking around in addition to those other options, as there will probably be someone who has more time to devote to helping you through this process.


Let the shipping begin

For the record, it will not be a ship-fic.

Okay, I’ve been working on trying to get some headway on my story ideas but things still feel like they’re missing something, a je ne sais quoi, and I’d like to know what sorts of things can create that in a piece of literature; any ideas?

What a wonderful world.