Pestilence (RP topic)

Alfred kicked Godrick right in the chest, before firing more arrows at Arkan.

Arkan let them bounce off, then started charging the man, his shield just starting to waver now.

Alfred seized this opportunity to gravmb a nearby dagger and attempt to stab Arkan.

Æhnyir would take this chance to stab at Alfred with his sword.

Alfred rolled out of the way, catching a brief glimpse of Æhnyir. It is him, the Heavenly King! he thought ecstatically, almost dying from his distraction.
He then rose from the ground and suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“What the hell was all that about?!” Hydronivis exclaimed as he stood up.

Arkan growled as he approached Hydronicus. “I was hoping you would tell us!” He aggressively whispered. “It was your fault he knew we were in here with him!”

“So, no one else is going to blame the cup?”

“You were the one who knocked it down!” Arkan scream-whispered, getting up into his face.

“I dunno. You tell us. You have the plan.” Rohan replied.

Æhnyir stands back silent and goes over to see if he could read the doctor’s notes. Seeing, as they might have something to do with why he at least was a target.

“No blood shed. No souls redeemed” Godrick muttered to himself seemingly oblivious to the others

The notes indicated that the Plague Doctors were aware that Æhnyir and the others were attempting to expose them.
“Well, at least we now know for certain that they are up to something.” Said Hydronicus.

Meanwhile, Alfred breathlessly ran into Amadeus’s quarters.
“Father Gregia, I have some important news.” Alfred said excitedly, greeting Amadeus with a bow.
“What is it?” Asked Amadeus.
“The first Heavenly King, The Magician; He walks among us on Earth!”

Æhnyir grabs the notes and puts them away in his tome. He then searches the room for other papers of use, such as papers relating to the so called heavenly kings, seeing as this cult was so interested in them to begin with.

He would find only a deck of Tarot cards nearby. Among The Five Heavenly Kings, other cards were present, such as “The Hanged Man” and “Hierophant”. There were a bunch of research notes nearby, both on scientific and mystical subjects.

“Now that we know what they are up to, where should we next take our investigation?” Hydronicus asked out loud.

“Well, where’s the next biggest hub of Plague Doctors?” Rohan asked.
“Or where does that Alfred fellow often run away to?”

Hydronicus shook his head. “I would not know such things…”

“The receptionist would.” Rohan pointed out.

“I don’t know. She doesn’t seem like the type of person who would conspire with a cult.”

“She’s a receptionist. She’ll know. I could also send out some birds, maybe they’ll see something.” Rohan said in reply.

Æhnyir chuckles,
“I believe I know…,but first I must ask where you punish your prisoners.”
He grabs the two tarot cards,
“I’m guess this would also be rather close to a church…probably the larger of churches if I were to guess. The other five are the representations of the so called heavenly kings. If these cards are representations of something, then we can assume the other two are just as important, which leads be to believe a large or the largest church may be involved and wherever prisoners are punished is involved with this cult. It would make sense with prisoners, free test subjects, but I don’t understand the church part…”