Pestilence (RP topic)

“Well, perhaps it is because churches are the most influential organizations in the world.” Hydronicus suggested.

The group might notice a skinny looking man staring at them as he peaks his into the office. “I’ll go out on a limb and assume neither of you are doctors… but is there any chance you could grab me some laudanum? I have a headache.”

“I am always willing to help a fellow citizen.” Hydronicus valiantly declared, as he began to search through the nearby medicine cabinet. He found the bottle of Laudanum, and removed it from the medicine cabinet and passed it to the man.

Thanks” he replies before disappearing from view, the sound of his giddy laughter and footsteps can be faintly heard.

Hydronicus stood there, smiling in content at what he perceived to be helping someone. He was obviously oblivious to the suspiciousness of the situation.

“Perhaps we can find references to other ‘doctors’ in Alfred’s files. That could give us our next lead.” Hydronicus suggested.

Æhnyir thinks,
“I think I’m going to take a gander a chance a couple of churches in order to gather information for possible subjects, if you all stay here to look for information on these so called doctors I won’t stop you, however…”
His eyes widen,
“I think I know which church to start… time to head to the main square.”

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Hydronicus nodded. “Very well. I shall stay back and search through the doctor files.”

Rohan nods.
“I’ll stay behind as well.”

“I shall ensure that the churches are not defiled”

“I don’t doubt your words, however they may as well already be defiled based on what I’ve found…”
Æhnyir states this as he walks out.

“Then I shall sanctity those hallowed grounds”

Arkan looks through the files. “I see something on an ‘Amadeus.’ I could investigate him discretely.” He looks up and glares at Hydronicus. “But if I do you aren’t coming along. I don’t need you blowing my cover again.”

Very well, then I shall not be in your way." Hydronicus said to Arkan, before then turning to Æhnyir.
“You two carry out your investigations. I, Rohan and Godrick shall embark on our own endeavors in the meantime. When we each finish, we shall meet back up in the center of town. Are we all clear?”

“I am going with that one.” Godrick states whilst pointing at Æhnyir

“Very well.” said Hydronicus as he returned to searching through the files.

Æhnyir nods,
“I have an idea of where to search first. I’m thinking the Florence Cathedral… it’s near several large plazas, where I bet public executions would have taken place.”

“While I loathe to agree with you it’s a capital idea nonetheless”


Æhnyir smiles,
“I’m also hoping that I’m wrong about this. It would put some ease on my mind.”
He stands straight up and loosens his muscles, calling to the rest,
“Alright, I think everyone knows where they are going, so I guess we’ll head off now.”
Æhnyir heads off, looking to find the cathedral.

Godrick follows closely behind ironically leading him to appear as a bodyguard to his uncomfortable ally

Æhnyir continued looking for the rather large and unique cathedral. In a couple of minutes he would catch a glimpse and head off in that direction.