Pestilence (RP topic)

The saints sighed, thinking for a moment. He seemed to be “reading” Æhnyir.
“If you wish to atone for your past crimes, then you must be willing to make a great sacrifice. Only then can you find forgiveness beyond.”

Æhnyir looks at the saint,
“Is that so? I didn’t know that you still followed the old practices…I have a question for you. Do you have connections to a doctor named Alfred? I was talking to him and he seemed excited for something. I heard that a father named Gregia was a friend of his.”

The saint’s eyes narrowed.
“What do you know?” He said suspiciously, in a low voice.

Æhnyir smiles,
“I know many things, some I believe transcend what they know.”

The saint looked around the church to make sure no one else was paying attention, before turning to Godrick and Æhnyir.

“Come with me.” He said, leading them to a private room nearby.

Godrick rose and followed

The saint looked around one last time, before entering the room and closing the door behind him.
“Do you know who I am?” He asked the pair.


“Of course you wouldn’t.” He responded.
“My name is saint Raphael. I am not exactly from around here.” He said, introducing himself.

Æhnyir follows and puts his helmet back on.

He sneaks inside and starts looking for anything he could find.

The door was locked, so first and foremost Arkan would need a way to get inside the building.

Arkan went around to the side of the building, into the alley, and dropped his illusion. He started to draw an arcane circle on the wall: an advanced Abjuration spell.

A hole in the wall would suddenly open for Arkan.

Arkan jumps through the door-like spell he made, then works to put his illusion back up.

Soon, the hole in the wall would seal back up behind Arkan.

Saint Raphael straightened his robes.
“Anyways, you two aren’t the only ones to be investigating the strange goings-on of this city. I’m not really here on a religious pilgrimage. I am actually here to put a stop to The Plague Doctors’ plans, like you.” He said to Æhnyir and Godrick.

“How did you know?!”

Once recasting his illusion, Arkan begins to search around for anything he could find.

Æhnyir nods,
“Sorry for any earlier suspicion, just needed to know. I should mention now that I have the contract.”

Saint Raphael paused.
“…A contract with who?” He asked suspiciously.

Arkan found miscellaneous medical supplies in Amadeus’ study. There were things like anatomy charts posted on the wall, and bottles of various substances and fluids.