Pet peeves

The summer wave is almost here, and although we haven’t seen much, I’m wondering what little nit-picks people have with sets, story, or anything else.

My personal ones are Kopaka’s color scheme (Kopaka, toa of light), that lewa is a toa of jungle, and the major decrease in the strength of elemental powers.

What are yours?



I personnaly really love the new storie and characters appearance.
My only complaint really is Onua’s overly wide torso and Gali’s voice



  1. Gali’s axe is too heavy to swing
  2. Kopaka’s shoulder armor gets in the way when swinging his arm
  3. Tahu seems to be the main focus of the story
  4. Onua’s legs are too stubby
  5. Lewa can’t move his head that much and the gears bash his head as well
  6. Pohatu is gappy in his torso area
    I still love them though :slight_smile:

[quote=“LGNui, post:3, topic:9169”]

  1. Gali’s axe is too heavy to swing
    [/quote]No it’s not.

i agree with the rest thought. q:

@Ghosty I mean her arm will sometimes dangle if you swing her axe too hard. still a good set though.

Not that much.
on mine,anyway.

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@LGNui @Ghosty: some of the sets have loose gearboxes. Not all, but some.

On topic: Fire Protector. His character drives me nuts. I.e “We don’t have much time! Get the Mask!”


[quote=“Wil, post:7, topic:9169”]
[/quote]I’m just gonna assume you meant ‘‘some’’

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Like what? Tahu can now control lava, Lewa can full-on fly as opposed to soaring, and Pohatu can create a sandstorm tornado! They’ll probably demonstrate more power as the story goes on.

Personally, I don’t understand why Tahu and Kopaka were considered ‘bigger’ sets, and therefore more expensive than the other four Toa. Aren’t the Toa supposed to be a united team with no real biases? Others are Gali’s voice, the extreme focus on Tahu, and apparently Australian Pohatu.


It’s totally an axe, which leads to my first nitpick.

-Gali’s weapon is called a trident, when it is not one. Also, her real trident is called a harpoon.

-Tahu’s legs.

-Onua is one of the shortest toa, while in the animations, he is the tallest.

-Lewa’s gearbox is too high. And that totally wasn’t a drug joke. Don’t do drugs.

-Gali’s shoulder armor.

And my biggest nitpick of all, the little grey gears. They use blue pins to add friction, but the friction wears out over time. If I tried to use the original gearboxes now, there would be little to no friction. Luckily, you can use ball-joints like Onua.


Well if they were all the same size with no real biases, they would become dangerously close to clone set territory. Lego wants to provide the most distinct and unique characters for all the Toa, and size is just another factor.


Onua and Tahu have cartoonish proportions.

Other than that, 8/10 winter wave.


Dumb character quirks… lack of general mysteriousness… lack of fauna… masks are easily loosened… joints get real loose real quick, despite the new system… gearboxes are annoying and I dislike their inclusion… Onua doesn’t have green eyes…

The list goes on.


I don’t understand this complaint

I was never a fan of gear systems on constraction sets. Even when they don’t get in the way, they get in the way. Give me normal joints and call it a day, please.

alright, a lot of us love it, but you can always just change where the arms are

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Eh. I like the look of the arms being swept back - makes them see more heroic and muscular. I just dislike the swinging arms.

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I really love the gearbox’s but fair enough :slight_smile:


you can lock them.
and yes i know the piece isn’t included but it doesn’t cost much on Bricklink