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That feeling when your parents come home with a brand-new puppy but it's not for you.


It's so cute...


Bo enjoying a nice bone on a lovely day (you'd think he's uncomfortable but he does it all the time)


Is it a Staffie? Or part Staffie?

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Part Staffie

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For some reason they lie like that...

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Oh okay, I never new that

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Got a cat, 3 guinea pigs, 2 fish and will soon have 2 rats. Talk about predatory chains...


I assume that the fish in your avatar are the fish which you speak of? What are their names?

nah, the fish in the avatar are just fish, a picture I found.
However the fish's (Grammar?) names are Okami and Guinevere and they are goldfish.
Cat is Ingrid (a Russian blue) and Guinea pigs are Bob, Biscuit and Panda (all female)


Interesting how the fish and cat get sophisticated-sounding names, while the pig's names are well,,,,:stuck_out_tongue:

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This is Sophia.

Her owner couldn't take care of her for whatever reason, so she ended up in the shelter at about 10 months old back in 2014. We adopted her, and she's the sweetest little thing ever. I guess she had a pretty rough upbringing, and now understands how good she has it. :slight_smile: Unlike


Yes, she has different coloured eyes, and yes, she's beautiful, but she's also a huge jerk. :stuck_out_tongue:

My parents wanted her specific breed (Australian shepherd) so they got her from a breeder. She clearly had a nice life before, around a bunch of other dogs and all, and she doesn't understand how good she has it. We got her about a year ago, and she seems to hate everyone but my Mom. She still growls at me when I come in the room, and generally doesn't like being around me. I feed her, I give her treats, I take her outside to play...

Still hates my guts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here's my little pupper Tony. He's a little bit bigger than a 200 ml coke bottle

trimmed face

Wearing hat (with leg cameo)


Look what I found. Her name is Lucio.

EDIT: Her first feeding.


It's dead now
Lived a real long time tho, like 4 years


That's.... disturbing... So, do you, like, buy live mice just to feed the snake?

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Well, what else was I going to feed her? The mice are pre-frozen though.

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I've always liked snakes, There skin feels cool.
I don't get why some people are so afraid of them. like even no venomous ones.

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No clue, never taken care of a snake. Just curious, that's all.

On January 20th my 7 year old cat baby passed away.
He had some medical problems before and lived much longer than he should have, he was at a vet for a few days because he wasnt eating.
On the 20th my sister (his owner) received a call that he was unresponsive, we went to visit him and he wouldn't respond to any of us, just lay there shaking a bit.
They euthanized him in front of us a little bit later, they assumed that his kidney failed but they didn't have any of the tests back.

We got him christmas 2010 and I'm happy he lasted one last christmas with us.