Petrus's Mask Announcement

Christmas day. I got some model paints for one of my presents.

Gonna buy about 50 masks off of Bricklink sometime this week. Expect even more painted masks on my MOC's in the coming months.

I dunno if I'll be making any commissions for anyone, but regardless, what would you like to see? Post pictures if you find anything of interest online, because I'd love to hear from you guys.

I didn't make these, but I purchased two of them. They look very good, and I plan on doing things of this quality if I can.


Please give credit to the creators. wink
(hint hint)


I wish i could buy some of these masks frowning


ModaltMasks is AMAZING.

Seriously. I want to buy this guy and have him paint me all sorts of stuff.

So that's where @Veneras got his Rode...

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Yep! Credit to Modalt! stuck_out_tongue