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A comic series with wonders. Stupidity. Lots of it. Coming straight to you by Phoenix!

A little history about the series: The series was originally the name of an older series on Bzpower which was ended a while back. This series was made a long time ago and even had Eljay himself as a guest star (explaining why I somehow have sprites of his character)! I currently am working on a website to post my comics on.

I give credit to all the contributors to the Chimoru R kit. Also I give credit to all contributes of the ancient Ultimate Accessories Kit.

Chapter I - Applego, Megooblocks, and KREOSOFT?

Prolouge <- Non Canon

1. Shoot Him Before He Breaks Something

2. Applego Takes It's First Victim

3. Eljayception


I'm excited to see more.

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I like this, looks like it'll be funny

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Who do you think we are?

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You will!

Comic 1 is out guys!

1. Shoot Him Before He Breaks Something

that face at the end 0_0

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What about it? :3

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Comic 2 is out!

Applego doesn't take nicely to it's secrets being revealed.

2. Applego Takes It's First Victim

@IllustriousVar is the first to be taken by Applego! Who will be next? Will the group fall apart without him? Find out next time on DRAGON BA- I mean PHOENIX COMIX INC!


More! We demand more!

But seriously good job. Looking forward to more.

Whoops. Double post.

I am currently in the process of making Var, Meso, and I think Kahi. A comic will be out shortly.

Comic 3 is out! Introducing future Eljay and evil Eljay! @Eljay is evil!

3. Eljayception!


There's been a delay. I've been busy studying animation.