Photez, Master of Energy

This is my self-Moc, Photez, Master of Energy. He can control Energy, and wears the Kanohi Kraakahn, Mask of Shadow (With horns).

Well, that’s that.

Scroll down for improvements.


At first glance I can’t say that I was blown away by this, but looking at it more, it’s actually quite impressive.

The level of detail is good, and he looks to have quite skeletal textures, which is nice. This inclusion of the web piece is impressive as well. The head is surprisingly custom, and looks very well done, but I recommend using exo-force hands where the horns are, with the horns attached to those (which could look better). My only gripes would be that he looks a little too thin at the waist, and he has some gaps in the shoulders. Other than that this is a solid MOC, even down to the colour blocking. Well done.


in terms of build this moc is really nice looking,and the colors are well executed, imo, but the color layering is awful. It needs to either be white on black, or black one white, man. Doing both just doesn’t work. This doesn’t mean i don’t like the moc though.

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@Hafynx, @BrokenAxels, does this solve your problem?

for the most part, but the waist is still black one white, so that is a little bothersome. a definite improvement though

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Fixed that now as well:


i just realized the shoulders have the same problem, oof

yeah, this looks way better.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have that Hero-Factory paw in white, so I can’t fix that problem.

not that part of the shoulder, the upper arms themselves. RIP.

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Ok then, here you go!


ya did gud m8

seriously you are really good at taking feedback, most people wouldn’t really act on it, or would just shrug it off and say “that’s your opinion”. good on you dude


It’s impressive how much this moc has improved in small ways just over the course of this topic.

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The spiderweb in the chest is clever, impressive parts use.


Oh my goodness I love the design of this MOC. I am a sucker for any color scheme with black in it and I love the overall look of the MOC.

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Kinda looked like bunny ears lol.

However, nice shaping and sick build.

Sweet improvements, too.

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This looks so good, i love how it evolves