Photez V16



16th time lucky I guess?

Photez has been my Self Moc for almost 6 years now. I made the v1 all the way back in 2014, and he’s been with me ever since.
Of course, that did not stop me from doing this…

Anyway, keetorange is back! And not just one piece either!

And also panther mode!

Size comparison:

And comparison with v2 (earliest I have pictures of, although v1 is identical other than black spiky things and system parts):

Also comparison doing that same stupid “action pose”:


I love it all the way around!

A use for the 7th rahkshi spine, and an excellent color scheme, I love it!

Though the 1st sword looks a little awkward. I think it’s the hahli claw piece, which might be the most useless weapon piece that came out of bionicle. I’ve been actively looking for a use for it for about a month and a half and I’ve got nothing besides the rather lackluster use it was made for.

Also, you were able to make Silver?!

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I honestly don’t know why I even used the Hahli claw in the first place.

Oh, and Silver’s topic is coming soon.

Great MOC! I love the color scheme and the part integrations, though it looks a lot like a female MOC.

Oohhhhh these are really nice yellow: 8/10. Black: 8/10

I’m much more pleased by the black and white version at first glance. White and Keetorange don’t really mesh that well (I’ve done it before, a long time ago). Maybe it would work a bit if the black where replaced with light grey or something that would make the Keetorange the darkest color.
Still, looking in more detail the version with the Keetorange is the better MOC. The Keet could be spread out a bit more, there’s a concentration in the waist and none in the arms. The thigh shaping with the ankle shells is nice (I might try my hand at that; I have difficultly with shin designs); the system is incorporated decently well. Feet look a bit weird but makes sense with the feline transformation. The chest seems a bit too protrusive, given it’s a male character - getting rid of the Slizer feet or pushing them back might help.

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@Hawkflight, fixed for the most part I think. Took out my unhealthy amount of Mata Nui’s and stole some thighs.

Fixed chest, keetorange shoulders.


This version is nice!

Chest is looking a lot better now. But now the shoulders/upper arms are missing white, and there’s a concentration of Keetorange with no white in the torso/shoulders.

How about now?

That should be fine. Ideally the keetorange would be about midway on the arm’s layering, (between the shoulder and the forearm) but as it is you have the layering of keet on white on black down pretty well, and with the pieces you have that would likely be disrupted.

Let’s see here…

Improvements are very good, but that’s a given seeing as this is iteration 16. Overall flow and feel is good, although areas like the chest and the thighs switch to blocky, jutting-out sections of white which throw off the sleeker look the rest of the model has.

Panther mode is… Painful. Swapping the legs backwards doesn’t really give a feline impression at all, it just looks… Wrong. Flipping out the toe decorations to use as claws was a clever touch, but it’s really the only good thing about this form.

Overall, it’s a decent step in the process, but don’t stop here. Your designs are greatly improving, and I imagine it won’t be too long before this moc goes from reasonably okay to excellent.

Keep up the good work!

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