Phyzor: Wielder of Static Energy

Motto: “What a shock!”

He is part of the Lightning Garrison


Wow, I did not expect orange…

Looks great, I especially like the use of the tentacle pieces as what I’m guessing is supposed to be arcing energy…

Wow!, spellcheck really did a number on you mate! tentacles perhaps?

Oh wow, I hate autocorrect…


Those tentacles… best thing… ever

You know what, i have been impressed by all your MOC’s you’ve made.

Can i let this GIF be to all your future MOC’s?

This is really good, I love the use of tentacles and tubes. The chest is really good looking as well, and that staff is great. :smile:

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Nice use of the tentacles, they really give an impression of energy well.

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Nice. Impression: Static.

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Amazing MOC.
But his weapon should really a woolen carpet.


This moc is so good it’s shocking (I’m so sorry but it had to happen)


love it.

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