Piece of Resistance and Kragle

Thought I try my luck at the current BZP contest http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/18751-official-bbc-contest-70-everything-is-constraction/ with this little thing here. Sure it's not super complex million piece construct, but it is still a thing from the movie stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye But knowing how it usually goes someone who built the most obvious thing with a needlessly too many amount of pieces will take the cake. Then again not like the prizes are that "must get" type of things, just the Toa and Protectors also LoSS.


its cool but the grey CCBS piece is a bit distracting

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I get the general concept though find the execution a tiny bit difficult to grasp. Showing me this without being told what it is and I'd doubt I would know. Though due to the limitations of pieces I can understand why it is not as detailed. Its just attempting to replicate something like a Krazy Glue in Lego form never seems to come out right to me, even the official version I felt didn't look right and would suffer the same problems if not for the printed piece.

Aspects such as the CCBS piece I feel should be switched out though, mostly because it feels like a break in the colour scheme. Though the general designs of the glue does match the shape, the only part I feel doesn't is the Toa feet. Just as the rest of the design seems to be making the shape necessary and the feet stick out a little too much.

Though I do wish you luck in the contest, hope it goes well :3


I know the bone piece sticks out a bit, I don't really have anything that can replace it and stay with the color, so I stuck with the grey bone piece, since I guess that could be the part were the metallic bit can show or such.

Thanks, though knowing how usually the contests go on BZP, most likely someone who built a needlessly huge Emmet,UniKitty, Batman etc will win it.But I hope to go past at least the Preliminary voting.

I will have to agree with Scar on this one.....

good luck!

it is a fun idea, but if you didn't tell me what it was, i'd be a bit lost as to what it was. I think you missed the idea to get it to look like a tube of glue....