Piraka master - Carnage

Hey whats up people :slight_smile:
This one is my latest moc i want to make some changes but im ok with this build for now.
My first idea for this moc was from
Gundam Barbatos but i changed it at the end.
But in a future i definitely want to build moc like this figures.
And yes warning heavy cluttered, overdone, and needlessly large. :joy: :joy:
Soo enjoy


This is EPIC !!!

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I don’t think Barbatos had that little of a neck

or looked that awkward.

The arms look awkward in each pose you’ve put them in, he looks like he has jack-all poseability from the waist down, and with his head,

the shaping is off, with an overly-puffy chest, weirdly shaped legs, ans scrawny arms, compared to the rest of the moc.

overall, this is a cluttered mess, with no real cohesive color blocking whatsoever.[quote=“BiotronicMocs, post:1, topic:32530”]
warning heavy cluttered, overdone, and needlessly large

big mocs are fine.

as long as you know how to pull them off right

this looks like a mess of parts vaguely resembling a humanoid, with little cohesion.

it’s not that great.


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I don’t see the Barbatos inspiration much at all, as this feels much more bulky.

That aside, I think this is certainly interesting as an original concept and the black teeth are a nice touch.

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Carnage: The 9th Piraka

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@Joe yeah it was just a really,really early idea :smile:

This makes me wish we’d gotten a better Piraka combination model.

While is has its problems, its not a bad moc. Good work, . Though I am left with one thought.

“I am a monument to all your sins.”

I wonder how many people will get that.


Those teeth doh

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it doesn’t look like a skakdi


Looks very messy imo

I have the same opinion of @Sammythekat really, the arms are skinny, the chest is huge, etc.
He should look more like a skakdi and less like any other moc you build in this scale.
He can also do with a neck, necks are useful.
Another thing that bugs me is that I can’t actually tell where the knee is, because of all the cluttered armor shells it looks like the leg just goes from stop to finish without a knee at all.

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Why do I have the feel that when you try to pose it is probably going to be pretty hard and it is going to break sometimes?

design and colors are really messy and the chest is way too wide,otherwise this is pretty cool

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Some of the detailing looks pretty good, but the parts don’t add up to a cohesive whole. Weird proportions, fairly cluttered, people more knowledgeable than me have critiqued this in more detail.

That being said, I love that sword. :thumbsup: