Piraka moc ccbs

Yo yo yo piraka


Caaaaaannn’t seeeeee.


The gang is on the loose

Sorry but I can’t see anything

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Meh, just a standard CCBS build with a piraka head, nothing too special


I assume your not a bionicle 2015 or hero Factory fan are you

Why is that? My problem is not with the line, is that the build is super simple with just a piraka head. You could certainly come up with something more complex if you had more parts. Again I suggest waiting.


The Photo is too blurry
also a back photo could help
also those Lower Joints do not work since they are fixed
but this looks like a OK version of Nekktan
but like what misses @Celica_Jones has said

also I recommend removing the third Yo from the description
since it is just Yo Yo Piraka


How does saying something is standard make the person not a BIONICLE or HF fan?

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Best creation yet the dark maker

What? I don’t understand your post

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the dark make

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I think he is Advertising his new moc
and I cannot criticise it


The Piraka:
This is pretty basic. I suggest not using pre-bent arm pieces for lower arms. it gives the appearance of extra joints and overall just looks awkward.

The other… thing:

I see before me a jumble of limbs.


There is the dark maker another moc

Can’t judge it, the photo quality is really low.

Their is one problems with the topics you are making
like what @Celica_Jones said

and their is not enough photos as well

look at many other moc topics
then see how many photos they have

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Any relation to this maker?

also he has made the topic for this new moc of his anyway
so go their to discuss it
Dark Maker

OK I’ll make new photos