Piraka Reidak Revamp

Yo, yo, Piraka! I built a revamped Tracer, and I think it turned out well.

I tried to use as many of the parts from set 8900 as possible. Unfortunately, the arms didn't make it. Most of them, anyway.
And here's your obligatory rear view.
I actually built this guy because I needed to use the spine piece for SOMETHING.

So, what do you think?


love it

shoulder armor looks great

Yo, this looks super cool good job.

This is really fantastic, but I think it'd benefit from having longer arms. Good job! smile

9/10 Amazing MOC and build, but the lower arms and torso look a bit awkward. Still really good!

Mmm, it's pretty good, but the piraka feet on his limbs drive me nuts. Try something else?

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0/100. 2 Manny Feet Arm-or. /s

IAS: He looks pretty great. smile

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Awesome MOC, you sir get 1 awesome croc! crocodile

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I got to say this is pretty great!

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This is dandy, yo.

This is definitely an upgrade on Reidak. Great job.

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reminds me of my Zaktan Revamp

Looks true to the original, however the eyes are missing?

Pretty good!

No, the eyes are there. It's the lighting and the black head/spine.

What don't you like about the feet on his limbs?

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It's a joke Mango, hence the