Piraka Studio (Brickonicle Entry) [LDD]

yoyo, piraka

The Toa have reach Voya Nui and found the Piraka Studio. The Piraka has set-up high-security of 6-barreled Antidermis cannon and crane.

Find the Toa a way to entire inside the building and launch the catapult for an advantage!

The LEGO Bionicle Piraka Studio Toy Set 1011 Pieces - XXXXX Features:

  • Includes 6 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Hakann, Vesok, Zaktan, Jaller, Hewkii, and Kongu

  • Weapons include a Lava Launcher for Hakann, a Water Harpoon and Zamor Launcher for Vezok, a Three-Blade Scissor for Zaktan, a Energized Flame Swords for Jaller, a Laser Axe and a Climbing Chain for Hewkii, and a Laser Crossbow and Zamor Launcher for Kongu

  • Accessories include a crate to store Piraka Antidermis for ammo

  • Man the 6-barreled turret with a Piraka and shoot down incoming intruders

  • Include a catapult to fling an explosive puppet to launch toward the building

  • Shoot the Zamor Launcher against the Toa or Piraka

  • Use the camera and stadium light to hunt down your enemy's

  • Flip the gate open for ease access

  • Use Hewkii chain to pull down a wall

  • Maneuver the crane to carry or attack

  • Push the bare for a Piraka to assault

  • Pull the lever to make intruder falling into the recording room

  • Swivel the wall to ease access into the recording room

  • Swing a hammer from the couch

  • Test the Piraka endurance on the mechanical bull-ride

  • Store the Piraka equipments on the weapon rack

  • Split the building in 3-separate section into 2

  • Structure stand over ? ” ( ?? cm) tall

Features/Various of Screenshots: (text-links are to direct the reference)

-Left and Right Building Combined- (you may notice some minor changes)

-Back View-

-Weapon Rack-

-Toa Busting a Wall-

-"Cage" Function and Claw Turning-

-Ammunition Storage and Couch-

-Studio Access Swivel-

-Turret Sliding-

-Trap Door-

-The Studio/Mugshot Room-

-Back Side Battle-




In-Dept Detail/Info

The Elephant:
Ok, one thing that sticks out from this entire set is this:

I'm aware that the contest prohibit uncanny characters, so I have to make this a doll strapped with explosive to bypass the rules.

ok, now thats out of the way...

Set Base:
The set is based around 2006 Ignition Trilogy / Voya Nui Saga and a mixture of the commercial/promo, to not get confused with Piraka Stronghold, I must remove certain feature and replace it with "uncanny" stuff to avoid making this looking like a "redesign".

Set Info:

  • Price: $79.99 USD / 79.99€ / £69.99

  • Ages: 8-16

  • Pieces: 1011 (not including extra ammo's)

  • Minifigs: 6

Obvious New Molds Needed:

  • New body (while the figures used exist, I would more prefer legs swinging back and foward)

  • Printing

  • Weapon for all

  • etc.


  • First off, I don't know why I picked Reidak face for the front gate

  • I tried to mimic the Toa/Piraka weapons form their official set/story and the Piraka were executed poorly


  • Like I mention earlier, some stuff were removed to avoid relation with the official sets (and I don't want to make another $120+ set)

  • I also planned to only have all 6 Piraka rather than Toa, but stuff got out of hand


  • The only reason why the piece-count goes under .10 per-piece is due to the lack of specialized pieces needed and the amount of small sized brick usage.

Minor-Post Change:

  • After finishing rendering all (except for one), some stuff felt alittle off, so I change some minor stuff.


  • Yes, im aware that the battle from the Toa Inika and Piraka first started from the Stronghold, but you can try to imagine this is else-were

  • Few pieces needed to be removed to fuse the 2 building

  • Some design were off-putting, especially the mirror and cage (probably the reason why I put Hakann and Zaktan)

  • i was drunk

  • LDD connection is ###, while the rules mention only legal connection is available; some of those legal connection does not process correctly in the program; forcing the entire set to be different from what I interpreted to be-

and yes, the bull does work:


I love all the references to the individual Piraka commercials.


Yo yo, Piraka.
Jokes aside, this is pretty cool. It reminds me of the Piraka rap, but it has the play set feel from 2005-2007.


Something about this one just makes me think "fun" and that's pretty cool. Nice work!


Love how many different things are incorporated in this. Shame the bull among other things isn't connected to the main gate.

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Love the references to the trailer and the function implementations, the weapons are pretty cool too.


Needs a recording booth so they can record more rap


this is really cool

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guys we have a winner



I love this!

And how did I never notice there was a Hau on the bull ride?


Ha! Just yesterday I said that someone needed to make a Reidak rodeo thing, and look what we have here.
This is perfect, absolutely perfect.
Also is that good guy with TNT attached to him in the catapult?


Haha that's awesome. Beats the karz out of the Piraka base that we did get.


This looks really well done. Nice work.

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the gang is on the loose at piraka.com...


Im not really a fan of system, but that's a great price for something like this

and I love the bull

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I'm kinda surprised that so far this is the only entry (to my knowledge) that actually uses the mini figure versions of the toa/piraka

The only thing this set needed to reach perfection was Hakann’s shark cage from his individual commercial. But oh well, at least it has that timebomb which also counts a reference.