Pitch, the bladed she-cat (my self moc)

Okay, yes, my self moc is a girl, but I am a boy. Before you comment, think, does it really matter? This is a statement that gender doesn't decide who you are. Let's move out of this and move on to the moc. I took inspiration from RWBY ( especially the sythe) which is awesome show and you can check it out on Netflix.

Just like Ruby Rose, (from RWBY if that wasn't clear) Pitch has a customizable sniper rifle, but it shoots short outbursts of protodermis.

Here is her chainsaw that can be stowed away on her right arm.

Her back

Here's her left arm's wrist blade.

She has this claw-blade that can be stowed away on her left upper arm

Here's her two daggers that can be stored on her thighs

Here's all her weapons

Here's her sythe isolated

This is her sythe transformation

Here's what the site can be taken a part to create

Here's her holding her gun part of her sythe

Hope you enjoyed Pitch, the bladed she-cat!


It's pretty cluttered, and definitely needs some cleaning up, but overall I like it, especially the weapons.


It's also a gun.

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It's very cluttered. Try adding some smooth sections to the armor.

There isn't anything wrong with that

The moc is cool but the blue pins are noticeable


This looks pretty good. I like the customisability of which weapons she can weild

Does she have enough weapons? I think she could use a few more. /s

That black Avsa is pretty neat. Others have been commenting on the cluttered feel, and I think that part of that is because all of her weapons are actually stored on the MOC. I appreciate the effort, but it would probably look better if the weapons were stored in traditional Bionicle fashion: invisibly.

Plenty of people have self-MOCs that are not their gender and it doesn't have to be about making a statement... I don't even know what that statement would even be. Self-MOC is a character you identify with the most; your personality archetype. The MOC itself is nice, I don't really see the RWBY inspiration besides the scythe that's inspired by Crescent Rose, clearly (and nice work on it), and the Asva is cool even if the colour is dodgy at best. Needs to be a little less cluttered; looks kind of wild. Lots of potential here.

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Honestly I don't have a problem about your self moc being a different gender than you are, but the problem is if you put it directly into people's faces or not. As long as you do that you should be alright.

The moc itself is rather messy, the gaps and overall armor coverage really account for this. The weapons seem rather simple but they work for what they are.

I see potential in the moc, just take the advice of others and this moc will be much better off.

4/10, not bad by any means, but there are room for improvements. Good work, looking forward to seeing future versions of the moc. :slight_smile:


Cluster appearance aside, the back seems bare with some flat surface and pins-
Not to fond with the scythe build, but the daggers on the side looks ok.

I like the scythe build.

It's very clutterd and simplistic, but the unique touches put here and there compliment the model.