Pixelart Rahkshi - Battle for Wesnoth

So, since I’m almost through the game “Battle for Wesnoth” I figured I could try creating some custom content for it next - and what better to do than some Bionicle stuff?

Well, this is my first attempt at pixel art since I “designed” my custom Minecraft skin like 5 years ago, so I wanted to see what you think about my attempts at creating a Rahkshi unit. If any of you have any advise to give that would also be great!

(that’s pretty much exactly the size it would appear in the game)

I’m planning on usig this for all Rahkshi and simply recolour it. Yes, I could of course redesign the spikes on the back and the blades of the staff for each individual one - but given that this is only 1 picture out of at least 9-10 that are needed for a single proper unit, you can probably understand that I want to save me that effort (at least for now).

Also, if someone is really intrigued about this, is reasonably good at pixel art, and wants to help me designing characters for this - some helpers would be nice! :wink:

Here’s pretty much all the information you need:


It would also help to play the game beforehand (it’s free to play):



This has some really nice detail for such a small picture.

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Awesome! The Rahkshi looks cute yet menacing.

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