Pizzacheetah's Self-MOC: Somat, Sentinel of Syndarus

This is my self-MOC, Somat. He’s a Sentinel on the island Syndarus, in the alternate universe I’m writing called “Lest We Forget” (the story serial introducing the AU is up on the boards too). I welcome constructive criticism, as I made him a few months ago, and am going to work on a V2 before long.

Before I leave this off, I’d like to list a few flaws I’m aware of and intend to remedy in V2:
Gappy chest
Unarmored upper legs
Articulation in the head and legs
The proportions of the arms and legs are intentional, so unless it really bothers multiple people, I’m not changing it.

I thank everyone in advance for your feedback!


I got about 90% of this right when I drew it. I took artistic liberties and made the torso more filled out (because those Matoro claws are annoying and therefore are the borders of the torso). Also the sword I drew didn’t have the Glatorian Legends hilt.


I mean, all the problems here can be summed up as

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Thanks! Yeah, this is very much a G1 design, due to the scale, proportions, and piece usage. The Matoro claws are part of what I like about the torso, but what I’m more proud of is the shoulders. The way it’s smooth and flush into the arms is something that I will never change, it just looks too nice.

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Oh no Solek has reached his final form! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! But hey good MOC man! :grin:

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First off, I believe the torso needs to be widened and/ or shortened. It’s a lovely torso, but it It doesn’t look quite right. All the custom-ness is super great too. I don’t know if this is intentional, but I think the lower legs need to be moved back. I really like the color scheme, though it needs to have more red bits on the legs. Also, shoulder armor could help.
Good start so far, I can’t wait to see v2!

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This is a cool MOC! I like the color scheme and… Wait… That’s a Solek head!..

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The torso is probly gonna get a total rework (minus those lovely shoulders). The leg armor only really works when it’s put that far forward, I’ll be redesigning the legs for more articulation as much as possible in V2, so I might change that. There’s supposed to be only blue on the legs and only red on the arms, so I’ll try to make that more clear in V2. Shoulder armor was something I considered and decided against because it ended up making his upper arms too bulky, which isn’t what I was really going for. I don’t like how basic they are, but for now it’ll have to do. Who knows, I might have a revelation while building it and change something totally random.