Plague of Shadows Chapter one (Bionicle G2 Prequel/Continuation)

Chapter one: Darkness Forged in Fire

On the mythical island of Okoto many legends were born. The greatest of these legends was the mask makers guild. A group of skilled craftsmen. These crafts men provided the islanders with many masks. The greatest of these craftsmen was Sovereign who used the mighty mask of clarity. With the mask of clarity he gained wisdom and played a major role in establishing many of the guilds laws. But even the wise can make mistakes

Sovereign had been sitting reading through ancient scrolls for the last few hours. He began to become board. His interest was peaked as he heard a loud knocking sound. Looked up from his studies he turned to his door “please enter” he said a slight relief in his voice he could finally stop reading
Ekimu entered looking around the walls lined with masks and maps. Weapons and armor. “Sorry to interrupt your studies Sovereign” Sovereign looked to Ekimu relief in his words “no worries my student i was just considering ideas for a new mask nothing important”. Ekimu sighed in relief “i was just wondering when you would review my newest mask” Sovereign stood up looking at ekimu. He held his stare as he walked over putting a hand on Ekimus shoulder “i’m sure it’s a fine work of craftsmanship you’re a good maskmaker same with your brother and all the rest. Mistakes can be made along the way it’s fine it’s how you learn. How you improve. You five make me so proud. Now go i’m sure you have some study to get to” Ekimu nodded pleased with the response he turned walking out. Sovereign sighed as the door slowly closed “so worried i’m not proud of him. Like he has something to live up to” Sovereign turned looking to his scrolls deep in thought. He walked over to a chest he kept locked. opening the chest he reached his hands into the chest searching though it. After sifting through relics and scrolls that were best left forgotten he came a small black box carved out of wood. Sovereign lifted it out examining it. It was to big to fit in one hand and black with a single symbol carved into the top. Opening it he retrieved an elemental crystal of shadow. A crystal he had long decided against using but perhaps now was the time.

Sovereign stood above a hot forge. Smoke floating up as fire danced around threatening to escape. He stood creating his new dark mask. Slowly an audience of his students gathered. The gathering grew to apprentices of his students even villagers from outside the guild. None wanted to miss the great Sovereign working his hands at the forge. Akomon one of sovereigns five students stepped forward “what kind of mask is that” Sovereign turned away from the forge looking to Akomon “a mask of shadows”. Akomon stood shocked and began to stutter “ar…. are you sure making a mask of shadows is a good idea? You’ve…… you’ve warned us of shadows corruptive nature” Akomon was clearly nervous barely getting the words out Sovereign turned around looking to Akomon "Some try to mold the dark in there image but the dark ends up molding them to its image. I won’t make that mistake” he said turning back to his work.

Hours later his work was finished. Sovereign proudly stood slowly lifting the mask from its mold examining it. He lifted one hand to remove his current mask the mask of clarity. He then placed both hands on his new mask slowly placing it over his head as it hummed to life with power. A dark power. He turned to the gathered crowd lifting one hand slightly the room becoming darker “it appears i must learn this new power before i can properly use it” he said excitement in his voice “i am rather interested to see the new possibilities of this mask. No longer will shadow be something to fear”. He walked through the crowd and came to a hallway and turned following it to his room. There eyes followed him as he walked down the hallway. As he reached his door the overs looked on as the sun began to set its warm light filling the most of the hallway though the tall window above Sovereigns room. However this light passed over Sovereign. He opened his door and looked back to the crowd as they stood they were bathed in light from the setting sun. While he stood soaking in shadow from the coming night. He looked down before walking into his room the door slowly closing behind him.

chapter one ends there and i hope you enjoyed. please share your feedback its all appreciated.